Match Report: Top Club: 26/05/24

The following report was written by Kevin French:

A competent win against Olveston “B” squad, but Olveston are very strong and their B team contains some excellent players.

The “special one” had 3 jobs this morning, to cook bacon rolls, man the bar and win the 2 wood. I am pleased to say all three were successful 

Andy 2 wood won 17-3. (1 Point)

In the singles discipline Josh was always in front from end 2 and at 10 ends (17-3) looked like he could have finished the game quickly, but clearly he wanted to get his moneys worth and took another 7 ends to win (that’s an extremely reasonable 20.6 pence per end,Josh!)

Josh singles won 21-8 (1 Point)

As we know if you can win the two singles, you are well set up to win the total game, so onto at least one of the last 3 rinks to win.

In the triples Jim with Trev and Mark, after going behind early on, plugged away and winning 11 ends out of the remaining 13 ended in front.

Triples won 21-11 (1 Point)

In the 4’s With Keith, Kev, Jake and RKJ, apart from the first end were always in front, and with everybody contributing at one time or another finished ahead.

Fours won 21-15. (1 Point)

In the pairs with Calvin and Will were always in the lead and whilst losing more ends than winning but only dropping one’ s and picking up a couple of counts (my old chestnut about only dropping one’s) ended up and with the match won so didn’t have to play the last 3 ends.

Pairs won 15-8. (1 Point)

With all games won a total of 5 points.

Well done all, next round away to Kingswood and Hanham (a local one for me, for a change, if selected?!)

A very big thank you to Phil, for marking both single games and then running the bar.

Thanks, also to Keith Williams, M Tarr and Wendy for their valued support.