Top Club v Bradley Stoke (H) 03/07/22

WON 4-1

*STOP PRESS*. Trev has bought a new pair of trousers, which will save a repeat of the unseemly incident last week when they fell down!

Playing against a second division team the statistics say that we should actually win and that proved to be so, but having said that a likeable crew from Bradley Stoke made us work for the win.

As we know if you can win the two singles disciplines you are well on the way to winning the game.

Editors Note: The Captain is well known for his excellent maths 🙂

Andy got us off to a great start in the two woods taking an 8-2 lead and matching his opponent in winning the remaining ends ended 16-11 with two ends left to play.

Jim in the 4 wood singles proved a bit harder task being 6-7 down at 8 ends, but scoring a 4 the game changed round and we finished 21-15.

In the triples RKJ with Trev and Larry were always in front, but losing the last 4 ends finished 12-14 down.

On Gerry’s rink with Will, Nigel and your humble leader; the way Gerry was bowling I think his week away was at a high performance bowls course……He played some super woods and the rink went 12-3 in front. Gerry kept on standing where he wanted the jack but as Kev pointed out “I think you are going to have to put up with it where it ends up Gerry”. A 5 was dropped but the rink regrouped to end 17-14 and the overall game was won.

Incidentally Wendy commented that everybody says you’re short Kev but you seem to be getting near the jack (thanks Wendy, my demise is much exaggerated!)

Editors Note: When people say you are short Kev could they possibly be talking about your height and/or jack length?…….. 🙂 🙂 🙂

In the pairs with Steve and Calvin they went about their business in their usual efficient manner, were always in front and finished 19-10 up.

Thanks to Jim Gregory and Vince for marking and thanks to Wendy, Marek and Dave Edwards for their support (interestingly Bradley Stoke had more supporters than Redland!)

PS: On one end your “humble leader” sent a wood down and said, “That’s too tight, too short, nowhere near” and ended as a toucher. Which provides two lessons, shut up until your wood finishes and what many have suspected for many years, Kev doesn’t have a clue what he’s talking about.