Redland v Olveston (A) 30/06/22

Lost 30-44 ( abandoned after 12 ends) 1 point

Your worst nightmare a wet, windy, cold night at Olveston, although the natives are always friendly!

On RKJ’s rink with Will, Trev and Vince, Roger returning from his holiday and having a great game (clearly practising whilst he’s been away – although I’m not sure they have any greens in the Alps!) and with the rest of the rink playing very well, although going 12-1 down, got back into it and ended 13 all.

(Editors Note: The opposing skip, Ian Gauld was noted as saying that without Roger sending up some great “saving” woods Redland could easily have been 30 shots down…..)

On one end Trev’s trousers were falling down (fortunately, only his waterproofs) and whilst holding them up he managed to pop one right on the jack (I don’t think Alex Marshall has ever had that problem :-))

On Jim’s rink with Larry, Nigel and Andy again going down early on got back to 10-15 behind when the game was abandoned.

On Steve’s rink with Calvin, Dave and Kev, the third Redland rink going behind got back in, out, back in (the hokey cokey rink?) finished 7-16 adrift.

Who knows what might have been had the game gone to a conclusion?

A washout night really (literally) but thanks to Olveston for their usual hospitality.