NE Home v St Anne’s Park 10.08.23

Lost 45-49 2 points

With the assembled “experts ?” from the B&D squad looking on, it was clear to us that the standard of bowling was very good (in fact better than a lot of games we’ve played in the B&D league).

We were doing nothing wrong, bowling well across all rinks, just needed those few extra shots……

On Dave’s rink with Mike Roth, Ian and Mike White and Mike White having a great game (as his leading was so good Jim was tempted to ask Mike to go to Leamington with him, instead of Andy!), although the whole rink bowled well and came back from being 2-9 down almost grabbed it at the end to finish 9-12. Which over 17 ends shows what a close game it was.

On Mike Ingham’s rink with Nigel, Colin and Vince went very close to end 15-18 behind.

On Wendy’s rink with Trev, Jake and Gerry picking up a six on end 5 then dropping a four on end 16, re- grouped and bowled really well to pick up a 4 and win 21-19.

Again only 4 points between winning and losing, a bit of the tale of our season really, we have some useful players , we just can’t seem to get enough together each week to win these games, but we gave it a good shot in division one and I would be quite confident about next season.

Finally I wish Andy, Jim and Josh the very best of luck for this weekend and their various games at Leamington. My only request is Andy, please try not bowl a wrong bias….. 😉