Men’s Competitions 2023

Access to the various draws can be gained by clicking on the relevant competition below.

Please note that once a game has been played the winner should notify Will Carter  07941 860833 or WhatsApp . Will will then update the table.

As a reminder the first named individual for each game is the Challenger and shall be responsible for all game arrangements.  The Challenger must offer the opponent at least three dates before the stipulated date to play.  The Opponent has a responsibility to remind the Challenger to name dates.

In singles it is the responsibility of the Challenger to arrange a marker for the game.

If a competition has not been played within the designated time and no appeal has been made for an extension to the Competition Committee (Tony Stone or Will Carter) the Competition Committee will determine who goes forward to the next round depending on the circumstances.

Extensions will be granted but only by a maximum of 14 days and only for reasons that the Competition Committee feel are “acceptable”.  The definition of “acceptable” is a matter solely for the Competition Committee to determine and their decision is final.

If any player is unable to play on Finals Day (3rd September) they should inform the Competition Committee before playing in any Semi Final.

If you have any questions please contact Tony Stone or Will Carter.

Happy Bowling!

When playing in a H’Cap game it is the difference between the handicaps that is the starting score for one player rather than each player starting on their handicap.

For the Men’s Pairs competition it is 4 woods for each player with 18 ends up until the semi final and then 21 ends for the semi final and final.

Competitors must be on the green no later than 30 minutes after the mutually agreed time, otherwise the “innocent” party can claim the match.