Top Club v Kingswood & Hanham: 24/05/22

Won 4-1

With the Top Club competition (which is played across 5 disciplines, Two Wood Singles, Four Wood Singles, Pairs, Triples and Fours, with one point available for each), as we know, if you can do well in the two single disciplines you give yourself a real chance of winning overall.

The 2 woods kicked off the evening with Andy v Dave Hannah (a previous Redland member)…but Dave wasn’t being kind to us and bowling well went into a 9-6 lead, but Andy came back to be in front 14-12 with 2 ends to go. Lying 2 against Andy took my well known advice that if you have a chance to win it then go for it. Unfortunately with one of Dave’s Wood’s about a foot from the jack Andy found the gap and lost the resulting measure for second wood. So we went into the last end all square. This was “dapper time” and having taken the mat up Dave bowled a short wood leaving Andy plenty of space for that “dapper”. With his first wood however Andy managed to find the ditch and my nerves were on edge!! Dave then sent up another short wood and Andy managed to draw the shot with his last wood to win the game.

Editor’s Note: Your nerves were on edge – imagine how I felt………….

P.S .There was apparently an “incident” with one of Andy’s woods  during the game when the bowl seemed to go down the green in a very odd way – I’m not sure what happened as the incident seemed to be hushed up (we will get to the bottom of it) but I cannot imagine that the Middleton Cup Squad Member would bowl a wrong bias in a two wood game – that would be impossible surely?

Meanwhile in the pairs with Steve and Calvin always in front and picking up two fours and five and both clearly having great games, the outcome  was never in doubt.

Editors Note (2): I am unsure why the last end was played as by that stage Calvin and Steve were more than 8 shots in front – they could have simply walked off the green and let the opposition have 8 and would still have won – perhaps they were enjoying themselves too much?

So we just needed to win one more discipline.

On Kev’s rink with Larry, Dave and Will, they never seemed to get going and being 4 -11 down at 10 ends and even with a slight revival, this game looked like a lost cause and so it turned out to end 12-17 down.

So the focus turned to Roger’s rink with Trev and Gerry: Having gone 6 up at 12 ends this was going well and with Roger once again having an excellent game, the opposition pegged us back to only being 3 up, so the focus was between this and Jim’s singles game where it was level pegging at 8 ends, but Jim dominated the rest of the game winning 9 out of the remaining 10 ends ending 21-8 in front.

Meanwhile until the game had been won Roger’s rink were battling on and picking up 3 singles on the last few ends finished 17-13 up.

A good solid win, well-done everybody.

LL 20th May away at Begbrook Green – 2Points

Karen’s rink , with Gill , Juliet (Juliet’s first ever game !) and Liz  were in command throughout the game , nip and tuck at the beginning but pulling away at the ninth, finishing 17 -9 a convincing win.

Wendy’s rink with Lin Dot and Carol were the antithesis , Ying and yang ! We were out played by them every end and lost convincingly 29-6

Special thankyou to Juliet for making herself available for the match  

Match Report: Redland Green v Bristol (A) 19/05/22

Won 45-38: 9 Points

A much happier report tonight, against an admittedly weakened Bristol team (due to clashes with Somerset competitions) we took advantage of the situation to manage a good win and you can only beat what’s put out in front of you!

On RKJ’s rink with Trev, Gerry and Will I think there was great disappointment, after some great bowling, in not getting the 2 points for a win, but as I’ve always said its a team game and the last ends were played out across the rinks very thoughtfully. They were always in the lead but dropping a 2 and a 3 at ends 13/14 it was getting close; on the last end we were 2 down and with danger in sight Roger decided not to bowl his last bowl to crystalise a draw for 1 point, more importantly this left the other rinks a 6 point cushion for the game overall.

On Kev’s rink with Larry, Dave and Calvin and the front end having a great game, it was a similar “cagey story”, electing to go 1 down on end 15 as opposed to trying for a shot which may have gone wrong and going 3 or 4 shots down, eaked out the last 2 ends to run out 13-11 up.

On Jim’s rink with Steve, Vince and Andy, again always in front, as we’ve come to expect with the “special one ” on the rink!, we never expect to lose! They finished with a 2 to win 15-10.

(Editors Note: It is now unclear if the “special one” refers to Andy or Jim as Jim has reached the last 8 in the singles in Gloucestershire……..perhaps in future it should say the “Special Ones” 😉 )

At 12 ends we were 18 up but losing 10 of the remaining 15 ends it looked at though we might do our often usual story of falling away at the end but I was impressed with our competent performance in “using up the ends” to win the game.

2 wins out of 4 now chaps, looking better!

LL 12th May RGBC v Henleaze B just 2 points

Second  match of the season , at home to Henleaze B.

Lin’s rink with Gill, and Nina tripling, hit [unlucky?] 13 at the 3rd end before Henleaze got on the board ! By the 8th end 19-4 , Henleaze started to fight back and picked up 1 each end ‘til the 11th ending 24-10.

Wendy’s rink with Liz, Carol and Lyn (borrowed from Arrow) started and finished badly , and floundered in the middle . We just couldn’t seem to get going, and finished 7-21 .

31-31 in the end but with the 25% penalty on the winning rink 25-31 went on the scoresheet, and only 2 points

Match Report: Redland Green v Yate  12/05/22

Redland 51 Yate 48   – 6 points

A slightly more upbeat report this week. A 6 point win ,it would have been nice to have 8 or 10, but a win is a win ,and at 9 ends we were 6 shots adrift and things didn’t look promising

Jim’s rink with Steve, Vince and Gerry always led to go 12 -3 up, dropping 6 over 2 ends, it looked a bit shaky, winning 7 out of the last 8 ends finished a very strong 22-10

On your Captain’s ,and Vice Captain’s rink with Larry and Dave (Edwards)  a weak start led to a 5 16 deficit at 10 ends ,but a small rally and some good bowling pulled back to end 14-19 down

On RKJ’s rink with Trev ,Mike (Ingham)  and Will they took an early lead, were only behind for 2 ends, and were15-11 up at 14, just couldn’t hang on for the last 4 and ran out 15-19 down

Interestingly the biggest count dropped was a 4, so clearly we are not in desperate straights, just need to win the extra end here and there

Bristol next week, maybe more trying!

Redland Ladies versus City and Port of Bristol (all) 8 points

First match of the season , away at City and Port of Bristol , our first league match at P.B.A. as they came down from division 1 the last time there were any promotions/relegations coincidentally the same season we went up.

Lin’s rink with Gill, Dot and Nina raced away 10-3 at the 5th end , but 10-9 by the 9th end. A couple of 3s put them back ahead where they stayed ‘til the end finishing 19-15

Wendy’s rink with Liz, Carol and Lyn (borrowed from Arrow) also raced away 8-1 at the 5th end , but,  9 all by the 10th and down (11-10)  by the 12th. We picked up a 7 on the 13th and squeaked a win 17-16

……………………Starting as we mean to go on ?!

Match Report: Redland Green v Knowle (A) 05/05/22

Lost 31-57: Nil Points

My second, slightly downbeat, report.

As one of the Knowle players said ” You might have expected to take some points off us”, and he’s right, but if the opposition are bowling better than you that’s not going to happen…..

On Jim’s rink with Andy, Vince and Steve, winning only one end  from the first seven it was not a good start, there was a fightback towards the end with the last 4 out of 5 ends won, ended 10-14 down.

On Kev’s rink with Larry, Gerry and Marek it was a different story, going 5 up in the first 2 ends, but only scoring once in the next 14, it was always going downhill, final score 9 -22.

On RKJ rink with Trev , Will and Calvin a strong start to go 6 nil up after 4 ends but then fell away in the middle of game and finished 12 – 21 behind.

We don’t seem to be getting “on song” at the moment, but still early days and lots of games to go but we really need to get some points on the board if we are to stay up this season.

Onto Yate at home next week.

Match Report: Redland Green v Olveston (H) 28/04/22

Lost: 22-71 Nil Points

First apologies for the lateness in publishing this report – we have a new website/editing system and we are all getting used to it.

Anyway, another season, another match report, first game of the season against Olveston is not the easiest start and  with a number of our ” star”? players missing this proved to be the case.

They’re always a likeable crew from Olveston, but we didn’t like them so much at the end!

On RKJ’s rink with Trev, Nigel and Will, getting in front at 7 ends, but then going behind on the next 8 ended 7-32 down.

On Kev’s rink with Vince, Gerry and Marek, a similar good start couldn’t be capitalised on and losing 7 ends on the trot drifted to 8-23 behind.

On Larry’s rink with Calvin, Keith Conway and Andy we were always adrift and finished 7-16 down.

We sometimes get a couple of points off Olveston, but this time it was not to be as they were simply too strong on this occasion.

We move onto Knowle Away next week and can only hope for a better outcome.