Glos Cup v GB Britton (A) 21/06/22

WON 64:44

A resounding victory against an always competitive GBs and the start of our campaign this year.

(Editors Note: For those that may not know this competition is played on a knockout basis over 21 ends with three teams of four and the overall total score winning from all three rinks. Last year we managed to get to the Semi final of this competition.)

A question was posed, when was the last time we won a game when Jim’s rink lost? We will ask the club statistician (whoever that is?!) to look into the matter, but it’s certainly a long time ago and that’s because Jim’s rink doesn’t lose very often…….

On the new “superstars” rink with Mike Ingham, Kev, Dave and Keith Conway, not starting well, but collecting a 4 on end 5 and then winning 13 out of the next 18 and with brilliant bowling by everybody on the rink, carried on to pile up the shots and ended 26-8 up, a stunning performance to be admired by all!!!

With this high winning score, the other rinks were really not that important, but on Jim’s rink with Steve, Nigel and Andy were always in front, that slipped away to finish 17-20 down. (Editors Note: I don’t think we were always ahead having dropped two fours early on and Jim did have a chance for a 5 near the end but turned down the opportunity bearing in mind the score on the other rinks…..)

And on Calvin’s rink with Will, “Alex” Knowles and Larry were behind 6-14 on end 10 then won the next 8 out of 10 and ran out 21-16 winners and with GBs “shaking hands” the last two ends on this rink weren’t played.

With Jim 3 down and Calvin only winning by 5 (Editor’s Note: But Winning!) clearly winning  the whole game was dependent on Mike Ingham’s rink (including Kev and others).

PS This report has nothing to do with the fact that your Captain was on the  winning rink for the the first time this season!

PPS. Our captain may be a brilliant bowler (Editors Note: His words not mine!) but he’s not so good at getting team numbers right as he dragged poor Roger Plant across town and realised he wasn’t needed! So a big thank you to Roger for his understanding and support throughout the game.

Match Report: Redland v Willmott Park (A) 16/06/22

Won: 54-41: 8 Points

Firstly thanks to Willmott for their understanding and waiting for our player, who was delayed in traffic, to arrive.

Also congratulations to the Willmott four who reached the semi finals of the Somerset competition.

Onto the game, perhaps Willmott missing four of their top players helped, but as as I always say (Editior: yes, time and time again!) you can only play what’s in front of you…….

On the Special Ones rink (the special one has now become two; Andy and Jim, sorry Andy but Jim may have something to do with your current pairs success!) with Steve and Nigel possibly helping a bit? were fairly well matched up to end 8, but gaining two 5s and a 4 won 25-11

On Gerry’s rink with Calvin, Vince and Kev went 10 nil down managed to pull back to only 2 behind at 15 ends, but dropped the last two ends to finish 11-17 down.

At one point with Kev advising Calvin what to do Vince commented that “we’ve got a very vocal lead” and Kev had to point out that as team manager he’s perfectly entitled to make suggestions for play. (In reality Kev was just poking his big nose in where not wanted!)

Meanwhile on Roger’s rink with Will, Trev “Alex Marshall” Knowles and Larry they went off strongly to be 10-3 up at 7 ends, the opposition kept plugging away and we went into the final end level. At this time the overall game was won and the main question was whether we could get the extra 2 points on this rink and with Larry bowling a “dapper” to get a good shot, our opponents then managed to be holding, with Roger bowling a great first wood to get the shot back we were winning by one, the extra 2 points in the bag and Rog had no need to bowl his last bowl.

A very welcome 8 points and things are looking much better than 3 weeks ago.

A busy time next week with Glos Cup Tuesday, League Thursday and Clarence Davey on Friday.

LL Match report 15th June v Canford 6 points

Wendy’s rink with Nina , Carol and Lin, at 12-0 after 5 ends, 20-1 after 10 ends held the lead through out the game , ending with a win 24-6.

Karen’s rink with Liz, Dot and Gill played a tight game leading all the way til the 11th end  finishing 15-16.

One winning rink and one losing rink and the overall win , giving us  6 points .

Match Report: Redland v Weston (Bath) 09/06/22

WON 44-36: 8 Points

That’s more like it, a very welcome win, all be it in a low scoring game, but as I always say, as long as your low score is more than your opponents low score that’s fine.

This game was watched over by one of our members from long ago, Phil Casson, who was, (Editor’s Note: Is?) a class bowler, still has Redland running through his veins and willed every one of our woods on, but often thinking “I could do better than that” and probably could!

However we must have had some good ones to end up winning….

On Jim’s rink with Steve, Dave Edwards and Andy (special one ? Middleton Cup?) I don’t know what to call him anymore – well I know what I’d like to call him, but that’s unprintable here!!! 🙂 🙂 🙂

They were always in front and with Jim pulling off more saving woods than he would have liked ran out 16-9 up.

(Editor’s Note: Jim did say after the game that hopefully Andy had got the worse game of his season out of the way in preparation for the Glos Pairs the following evening – we shall have to see.)

On RKJ’s rink with Will, Trev and Larry went off to a flying start being 8 nil up at 4 ends, but the rain started and they seemed to lose their way and slipped away  to go behind, but with some controlled play and with regard to the other 2 rinks managed to keep the deficit down to end 11-16 down.

Meanwhile on Gerry’s rink with Calvin, Kevin (where are we going to fit him in next week?) and Roger Plant, always in the lead and ended 17-11 up.

We were never behind in this game and closing out by winning 7 out of the last 9 ends assured the win and 8 points.

PS Returning to Phil, he was the last Redland player to play Middleton Cup (1996), so it’s been a long time and our good wishes go to Andy for his Middleton Cup game versus Herefordshire, Saturday week.

Next week Wilmott Park away.

Match Report Lloyd Trophy (A) Canford 07/06/22

Won 52-49

(For Information: The Lloyd Trophy is a knockout competition played with 3 rinks and the total score across all rinks being the only deciding factor.)

Phew! that was too close for comfort, technically we should be winning against a Division 2 team a bit easier, unfortunately nobody told the guys from Canford that! And all credit goes to them for pushing us right to the final end.

You can’t ask any more than for 2 rinks to win but with one rink being 20 down with 3 ends to go, it makes it very hard for the team.

On Jim’s rink, with Steve, Vince and Andy “I never knew he was a Middleton Cup Player” Gadd went into a commanding 12-3 lead, they were pegged back to be only 2 in front at 14 ends and at that stage overall we were 11 down on the game, picking up 5 over the next 3 finished 19-13 up.

On Kev’s rink with Gerry, Dave Edwards and Calvin, it was a like watching a car crash in slow motion and they went behind 3-23 at 14 ends, but with only the second decent wood Kev had bowled all-night he managed to take Canford’s second wood out to pick up a six. So now the the “game was on” and a 2 on the last end meant the total scores across 3 rinks were now level.

On RKJ’s rink with Will, Trev and Larry went in front early but were pulled back to 9-9 at 9 ends, but this was not time to call it an emergency yet and winning 7 out of the last ends we went into the final end just one up across the rinks, with Larry “dapping” on a close shot on the last end, things were looking good for us and with our opponents not being able to beat Larry’s bowl we just sneaked a win.

Above all we are still in the competition and play Bristol St Andrew’s Away on Tuesday 28th June.

Finally a big thank you to Jim Gregory, Mike Ingham and Tony Stone for the support on the night, much appreciated.

Match Report: Redland v Page Park (A) 3/6/22

Lost: 46-56: 2 Points

First, thanks to Steve Ford who put back his planned departure to Cambridge to play in this game, he’s was also dog sitting so the pooch had a late night as well, perhaps we should chip in for a can of Pedigree Chum* (that’s for the dog not Steve!)

*Editor’s Note: For the sake of fairness other dog food brands are available.

Now on with the match report: On Jubilee Weekend unfortunately it was not to be a jubilant night for Redland Green…..

On reflection 2 points against a team who have won all their games and are top of the League is a useful result, onto the next game.

On the “Highest ranked at Redland in the Gloucester rankings” rink, Jim Russell, assisted by the “Court Fool of Redland Green”, Andy Gadd, with Steve and Vince in attendance, they were always in front, but dropping a 4 on end 12, managed to win the last 3 ends to end 19-12 up to get a very valuable 2 points.

On Kev’s rink with Larry, Calvin and Nigel Rushmer, having his first game in the B&D league team, even-stevens until end 8, but losing 3 ends on the trot, the game started to get away from the rink and they finished 11-19 down.

On RKJ’s rink, with Trev, Will and Alan Taylor, making his debut for the B&D team, went 10 nil down, but keeping their cool got a 5, 4 and 2 consecutively were 11-10 up and we went into the last 3 ends across the board only 5 down. Unfortunately only Jim’s rink could push ahead and on RKJ’s rink going down on the last ends ran out 16-25 adrift.

Lloyd Trophy next Tuesday (7th June) at Canford, so onwards and upwards!

LL Match report 1st June 2022 Away Olveston: 2 points

Wendy’s rink with Nina , Carol and Lin, needed a few ends to get into their stride, picked up a 4 on the 9th end to be 9-8 up and managed to hold on to the lead to the end , going into the last end we were 4 up and Karen was 3 down …but despite killing the end we finished the game 16-13

Karen’s rink with Liz, Dot and Gill also took a while to get into their stride , but were clawing their way back to 15-18 (down ) on the 16th end , unfortunately Olveston managed to pull off the best shot count of the night so ended 23-15 down.

Olveston are now above us on the table, same number of points but they have a better shot difference.

Match Report: Redland v Bristol St Andrew’s (H)

Lost 32-46 2 points

Our ongoing battle with Bristol St Andrew’s and this time we came off second best.

The game didn’t start too well with Kev’s rink dropping a 2 and Jim’s rink a 5, although the old adage is if you’re going to drop counts, drop them early to give yourself a chance of recovering/fighting back.

On RKJ’s rink with Trev, Gerry and Will a good start with level pegging at 8 ends didn’t continue only winning 2 ends out of the last 9 and we finally went down 7-18. (I was impressed with the honesty of the rink, admitting they didn’t play well. Guys you can’t play great every time!)

On Kev’s rink with Larry, Dave and Calvin, in front at 7 ends, couldn’t push home this advantage and ended 11-16 behind.

On Jim’s rink with Steve, Vince and Andy, all interest in this rink was lost when they went 12-1 down, however to their great credit these guys never gave up just picking up one’s and twos winning the next 10 ends on the trot and with Jim playing a great last wood and opposition skip Steve Hunt just failing with his last wood to draw shot we won 14-12. (Of course Steve Hunt was always likely to lose this game as he is the self proclaimed “unluckiest skip in Bristol” and we had all the luck! 😉 )

Chaps, some strange results in the League this year, so at the end of the night I feel sort of pleased to get 2 points…..and as I always say if you get 2 or 3 points in your losing games, rather than zero, that adds up at the end of the season.

LL 25th May at home to Page Park (6 points)

Page Park were top of the table and played the Gloucester fours semi finals on the 24th , we were definitely not the favourites ! 

Wendy’s rink with Nina and Liz ( tripling)  controlled the game from the start, we knew that we had to play aggressively as we were going to lose 25% of the score at the end we came off 26- 6 , (19.5 -6 after the 25% reduction) .

Linda with Gill and Dot (tripling) started very well picking up a 6 on the 3rd end , but 6  ends followed scoring , came off 15-22.( 25% off 11.25-22)

Overall we ended with 2.75 more shots, picking up 6 points .