22.06.23: B&D League Division 2 v Henleaze (Home)

Redland 67, Henleaze 30: 8 points

Halfway through the season and things are going well, we are top of the Division, with no complacency creeping in, just bowling as well as we know we can and we can enter the second half with confidence. But there is certainly still a job to do.

On Roger’s rink with Calvin, Larry and Mark Powell, having his B&D debut, there was some debate about whether moving “The Special One” off of the rink would have a devastating effect, but drafting Mark in seemed to steady the ship and in fact this rink had its biggest win all season, so the “Special One’s” absence was of little consequence ( I’ll leave you to draw your own conclusion).

Roger very graciously said the win was all down to the front three: “They bowled well,  I just stood about.”

There might be something in that Rog, but sorry, if a rink wins by that many the skip must have had something to do with it!

Final score 36-7.

Editor’s Note: Andy has been giving some coaching to Mark on the Lead position and various tactics. Unfortunately this coaching seems to have extended to how to bowl a wrong bias!!!! And with Roger also bowling a wrong bias later in the match this must be some kind of Redland record for one rink in one game? 😉

On Jim’s rink with Will, Trev and Andy the main initial interest was Trev’s new outfit, with new shorts and shoes he definitely looked like a “proper bowler”. The question was did his bowls know this? Clearly they did and he had a really good game.

With this rink having the transferred “Special One ” it was more of a struggle (I’ll leave you to draw your own conclusions!)

Editor’s Note: Yes indeed, thank god I was there………. 🙂 🙂 🙂

Going 13-4 up all was going well although the opposition pegged back to 13-8 at 14 ends and whilst by this time the whole game was won there was some concern about whether we could get the extra 2 points for a win on this rink, but bowling the last three ends well it ended a comfortable 19-8 win.

On Josh’s rink with Kev, Gerry and Jon it was a bit of a damp squibb, always behind but winning 5 of the last six ends the extra 2 points was in play, but was not to be due to some excellent bowling by the Henleaze skip and ended 12-15 down.

Busy week next week, let’s hope all goes well.

LL Match report 14/6/2023

Away  against Henleaze B No points  

Karen’s rink with Carol Dot and Wanda couldn’t get out of the starting blocks , and lost 21 -9

Wendy’s rink with Gill , and Nina tripling (again) struggled to get going but were ahead by the 14th end , but then we dropped a 5 on the 15th and lost 21-17.

Away at Kingswood against their A team next Friday , who are currently second in the league  

15.06.23: B&D League Division 2 v Knowle (Away)

Lost 50-51: 4 points

There was an air of disappointment / depression after this game and after a week of excellent results for Redland players in competition games I wonder what we expect?

Chaps we have got no god given right to win every game, we only lost by one, we got 4 points and we are still top of the table.

On Jim’s rink with Will, Trev and Vince we were always behind, dropping two fives didn’t help and we ended 10-28 down.

This rink has been winning well, but this week it didn’t happen.

On RKJ’s rink with Calvin, Larry and Andy, always in front and only conceding 5 ends won 20-14.

On end 13 your captain praised the front 3 for “brilliant bowling” when they had 6 woods within a foot of the jack, then the next end they dropped a 5 !

But a good solid win nevertheless.

On Josh’s rink with Kev, Gerry and Jon, behind at 5 ends then had a little run in the middle to be 20-8 up going into the last end. However this didn’t really matter as the whole game was  level at this point and we just needed one to win. Jon started with a wood a foot from the jack, but the opposition number two bowled a “dapper” and we just couldn’t shift it to lose the last end and the game overall.

An exciting finish but that much better if you actually win

On to Henleaze at home next week to finish the first half of the season.

Finally Good luck to Larry and Josh who have reached the last 16 in the Glos two wood. They are playing Sunday at Cotswold bowls club.

NE Report 08.06.23

Redland v St Anne’s Park:

Lost 45-59: 2 points

With the Bristol and District team having a “rest” week we have a NE match report from your roaming reporter and esteemed(?) captain

Getting two full teams out this week has been a bit problematical, but we did and thanks to everyone for their support and understanding, whilst we “jiggled” many possibilities. 

Unfortunately this League NE match was not so pleasing as Tuesdays cup game, at 8 ends we were finely balanced but then things seemed to slip away.

On Mike Roth’s rink with Wendy, Phil and Mike White they got to within 2 shots on end 14 but couldn’t quite push on and ended 14-21 behind.

On Keith’s rink with Ian, Bruce and Alan they were in front but dropping a few counts could never get back in and finished 16-24 down. This was a reversal of Tuesday when they picked up a 6 on end 15 to put us back in the game. Chaps, t’s bowls – that’s how it goes sometimes…….

On Dave’s rink with Trev, Colin and Nigel, powered off to a 8 nil lead, they were then pegged back to be 2 behind going into the last end, but some solid and sensible bowling led to us getting a 3 and the 2 points – well done!

St Anne’s are a strong team and it wasn’t to be our night, but it is worth noting all these extra 2 points add up at the end of the season.

Finally mine and Calvin’s sincere apologies to Pete Jones, who turned up to play, having given a lift to Bruce and then found out we were “over-subscribed”, but accepted the situation with good grace. We really have messed Pete about from pillar to post this week, his attitude is a credit to him, thank you Pete.

Finally I asked Bruce if he was alright for a lift home and suggested if not ,the run back to Redland might be good training for him in his triathlon competitions! 🙂

LL match report 7th June 2023 

Away  against GB Britton 6 points

GBB were 6 points ahead of us last week although they have not had their rest week yet .   We are now only 2 points behind them and ahead on shot diff  .

Karen’s rink with Liz ,Carol and Wanda started well, but after a couple of ends GB fought back but by the 6th end it was clear that we were the stronger team, finishing 20-10

Wendy’s rink with Gill , and Nina tripling were ahead from the beginning and were 15-2 ahead at the half way point, unfortunately we dropped a 5 on the 15th end and finished 19-15, but with the 4 3/4   shot deduction the final score was  14 ¼ -15 .

We have the overall win 4 points and 2 for Karen’s  rink win .

Lloyd Trophy 06.06.23

News has just reached me of the clearly nail biting game at Redland where the North East Team played an extra end and finished 49-47 up – an excellent result – well done to all, especially as we were still getting a team together at 2 o clock this afternoon!

In the Lloyd Trophy v Keynsham Redland won 61-29

I was fairly confident going into this game and that proved to be the case.

On Jim’s rink with Will, Trev and Vince, having dropped a 5 on the second end (if you’re going to drop a count – drop it early, another one of my “words of wisdom”)!, we then regrouped and it was close halfway through but picking up a 6 then pulled in front to finish 19-11.

Editors Note: Are you sure it wasn’t the “Sage of Redland” Jim Russell rather than our esteemed Captain with “words of wisdom”?

On Josh’s rink with Kev, Gerry and Jon it was a bit more of a struggle, with Josh, by his own admission feeling a bit “after the lord’s mayors show”, from the previous night*, frankly nobody had a great game but perhaps everybody did something at sometime and we ended 18-15.

All of this didn’t really matter as on RKJ’s rink with Calvin, Larry and Andy and all clearly bowling very well they once again powered to a stunning 24-3 win after 15 ends when Keynsham conceded the game ,dropping only 2 ends in the process.this “unit ” seems to be on fire at the moment.

Again a confident win – onto the next round.

*Editors Note – This statement needs some clarification/explanation. On Monday evening two Redland Green teams battled it out to get to the Quarter Finals of the Glos Triples competition. The teams were Mark Powell, Calvin and Josh against Andy, Will and Jim.

In what proved to be an epic encounter only finishing on a second extra end at 9.55pm after 3 hours and 55 minutes Mark, Calvin and Josh won by 1 shot.

Everyone bowled very well especially Mark in his first major competition. At the same time however Josh was kind enough to say that Andy’s leading was the best that he has ever seen, thank you Josh – but it has to be said that Josh also played some stunning shots including killing the first extra end when Andy had put a “dapper” right on the jack.

Mark, Calvin and Josh now play on Friday evening at Glos City Bowls club and I am sure that everyone at Redland wishes them the very best of luck. 

01.06.23: B&D League Division 2 v Victoria Park (Home)

WON 68-28 10 Points

Another job well done

I wanted to go into our “rest” week with no concern about who might catch us up or who was playing who and winning our first 6 games we (I) can relax a little.

On RKJ’s rink with Calvin, Larry and Andy, this week was a reversal of last and only dropping ones finished 23-12 although this slightly flattered our opponents as we dropped a 6 on the 16th end, perhaps the stage of the game at which some concentration was lost? but a competent win nevertheless.

Editors Note: “Competent win” (23-12!) – Our esteemed leader is setting very high standards…….and has he considered that on this particular end the opposition simply bowled extremely well? 😉

On Josh’s rink with Kev, Mike and Jon a similar story and with Jon having a cracking game we were never in trouble and also having most of the good fortune we conceded only 3 ends to run out 30-4 up.

Editors Note: Sorry another one. Half way through the game Kevin was seen to sidle up to Jon and ask “How do you see your future in bowls progressing Jon?” I can only ask that our esteemed leader does not do this in future as it is likely to scare the new members off!

On Jim’s rink with Will, Trev and Vince, this week it was more of a struggle, but chaps you can’t do it every  week and with the game won across the board it was a matter of squeezing out the last 2 points. We were never behind and ended 15-12 up.

P.S. Over on Josh’s rink he sent a wood up 2 yards short and Kevin proclaimed “Josh you’re turning into me” – to which Andy was heard to reply, “No Kev, I don’t think even in his worst nightmare Josh is in any danger of turning into you!” 🙂

Anyway well done all, a rest week next Thursday but on to the League Cup games next Tuesday.

PS. For those that are interested we have a Glos Triples match on Monday evening at 6pm between two Redland teams battling to get to the final stages of this competition. Any and all support for both teams would be welcome.

28.05.23: Bowls England Two Rink

Home to Olveston

Lost 19-37( conceded at 16 ends)

When you are up against Olveston everyone has to be on top form, unfortunately this wasn’t the case this morning and I would suggest this was virtually the best team Olveston could field.

On Jim’s rink with Will, Trev and Vince Redland went off extremely well to go 14-5 up at 9 ends while on RKJ’s rink with Kev, Larry and Andy they were 2-11 down, so actually level on the game. Unfortunately Jim’s crew conceded a 5 and on Roger’s rink it seemed impossible for our boys to win an end with the Olveston number 2, Dave Wiggall, having a particularly good game and the match slipped away from us

No shame in losing to 2 Olveston rinks of which 7 out of 8 players have already qualified for the National Championships at Leamington later in the year.

Finally thanks to the two Keith’s and Mike Ingham for their valued support. 

LL Home  against Portishead A team (aka Portishead RBL)  

A disappointing result this week,  up against a very strong team.

Karen’s rink with Liz ,Carol and Wanda struggled all evening  and lost 26-4

Wendy’s rink with Gill ,Colette and Nina also struggled all evening losing  19-13  

Next week is our week off , we are currently 6th in the table , the three teams below us have already had their rest week , but are more than 8 points behind us , so we should still be in 6th place next week . We will be playing over at G.B.B. on the 7th June who are currently 4th on the table , but have not had their week off yet .

Nil points