Match Report: Bristol & District League Division 1 – 09/05/24

The following report was written by Kevin French:

I woke up this morning [Thursday] and in a slight haze checked the league tables……. with Redland riding high at the top of the North East (Div 2) and the B&D team top of their division one, I realised I must still be dreaming? But no, it was correct and confirms both teams have had a great start to the season.

Onto the game, after last week’s stutter Jim’s rink with Will, Trevor and Andy were this week firing on all cylinders winning 8 out of the first 10 ends to go 15-3 up. So at this point the outcome on this rink never really looked in doubt but they kept up the pressure to run out 23-7 to give a great boost for the other rinks.

Over on RKJ’s rink with Larry, Calvin and Jon, again we were strong early on, but then had a bad end to go level 13-13 at 13 (very unlucky?) and that  proved to be the case for us as whilst we went into final end 2 shots up with his last wood the opposition skip dragged the jack back for 4 shots and we were 17-19 down.

Again proving my “old chestnut” from last week, it’s dropping the 4 ‘s and 5 ‘s which can kill you in this game.

Editor’s Note: Or picking up 4’s and 5’s can win you the game?

On Josh’s rink with the current Club Champion (Mark), Kev and Phil, scratching about to get some consistency, were only 2 behind at end 8 and again at end 14 but just couldn’t up their game enough to get in front and ended 12-15.

With a big winning rink, perhaps we can rue not getting 8 or 10 points, but I suppose a wins a win and 3 from 3 so far this season is very good but there is a very long way to go and we need to keep up our form/concentration etc. as there are many tough games to come.

Next week home to Severn Vale, the team that was promoted, along with us, last season and interestingly currently 2nd in the division.

Good luck to Josh and Andy for their Middleton Cup (Gloucestershire) trial this Sunday at Cheltenham BC.

And best wishes to Larry for his extended trip to the good ‘ol US of A, we will try to keep up the momentum whilst you’re away Larry 😉

Match Report: NE Bristol League Division 2 – Thurs 2nd May 2024

The following report was written by Pete Jones:

Our second NE league match was on the infamous Avonvale green, though we all agreed that it played quite well.

With Wendy were Mike White, Rick and Vince. The initial ends were fairly even, but then Avonvale pulled ahead  in 6, 8 and 10 and then it was going to be tough to pull back. The final score was 9-24.

With Mike Ingham were Alan, Barry, making a fine league debut, and Nigel. Never any real doubt and a “hotshot” on the 6th end (how does Mike keep doing this?) certainly sealed it! The final score was 25-8.

With Jake were Mark Dixon, Dave Sunter and Pete. Once we had secured the jack, we had control of proceedings, with everyone contributing. The final score was 31-4.

Match Report: Bristol & District League Division 1 – Thurs 2nd May 2024

The following report was written by Kevin French:

See what can happen when you get rid of a “dead wood” Captain and 2 dynamic new selectors take over!

A cracking win against an always competitive GBs, and over the course of the game the ebbs and flows put us on for 2 points, or a possible 4, 6 or 8 points…..

On RKJ’s rink with Larry, Calvin and Jon they were always just in front until end 15 when conceding a 4 which meant they went into the last end 2 down. With good bowling from the front end we were holding 2 and with a brilliant last wood from Roger, to draw within a foot, gave us 3 shots and a 14-13 win. Well played gentlemen.

On Jim’s rink with Will Trevor and Andy they never seemed to “get in the swing” and at 4-14 down it looked like they were potentially heading for a strong defeat, however the final outcome hinged on 3 consecutive ends. We picked up a 4, dropped a 5 then regained the 5 and getting ones on the last 2 ends kept the deficit down to a manageable 7 to end 15-22 adrift.

Over on Josh’s rink with Mark, Kev and Phil, apart from the first end they were always in front and whilst losing more ends than winning two lots of 4s and one 3 made all the difference and finished 21-12.

It’s time for my first “old chestnut” of the year, if you only drop 1’s and 2’s you’re not going to lose many games!

Good to see us at the top of Division 1 – even if it is only after 2 games.

On to an overnight trek to Weston Bath next week.

Editors Note: I just want to acknowledge that at the beginning of the season I said to a couple of people that I thought that Severnvale might struggle in Division 1. You can therefore imagine my surprise when it was reported that they beat Olveston Ospreys last night. It just goes to show what a funny old game bowls can be sometimes and you should never underestimate a team or player……….

Match Report: Bowls England Two Rink – Monday 29th April 2024

The following report was prepared by Kevin French:

As I’ve said before when you play against Olveston you have have to be on top of your game, although early in the season with everybody being a bit rusty things can be finely balanced…..

I would suggest that after our form in recent years, especially in this format, teams who come up against Redland realise they are going to have a potential tussle on their hands.

Having said that Olveston’s 2 rinks contained 5 Middleton Cup (county players)so was a tough call for us, but the game was closely fought with both sides respecting each others bowling abilities. 

On Jim’s rink with Will, Keith and Andy started well to go 8-5 up but seemed to lose their way a little and conceding a 5 on end 17 didn’t help matters: final score 13-22.

Editor’s Note: A very disappointing/frustrating result but mention must be made of Keith who had a great first game at this level.

Over on Josh’s rink with Mark, RKJ and our new? up and coming? super lead??, Kev (substituting for Calvin), early on it didn’t look good going 4-11 behind and in truth without a few bits of good fortune it would have been worse.

The rink then “knuckled down” and winning 9 out of the next 11 ends and with Jim’s rink finished, Redland needed 5 from the last 2 ends to force a draw. Picking up a single left us needing 4 on the last end and with Josh playing a great take out shot we were holding 3 but the Olveston skip (Ian Gauld) reduced this to 2 and with Josh’s final wood there was no way to get a 4.

But an exciting and close end to the match and we have plenty of competitions that we are still in to play for this season.

Best wishes to the Olveston players and our own Josh for the Middleton Cup trial on Saturday at Cheltenham Bowls Club (Andy will be there as well as travelling reserve.) 

LL Match Report: Week 1 – Wed 24th April 2024

We were up against a very strong team to start the season, whilst we are a very new team . Karen, with Liz, Dot and Carol were up against it from the start , and finished 7-33 Wendy, with Nina Colette and Maggie (welcome back Maggie!!) started well , 10-1 at the eighth end, but we dipped in the middle , finally pulling back to 11 all in the thirteenth end, 2 to us on the fourteenth 2 to them on the fifteenth , 2 to us on the sixteenth…unfortunately 2 to them on the final end finishing 15 all. Just the one point for us this week. Olveston B next week at Olveston.

Match Report: NE Bristol League Division 2 – Thurs 25th April 2024

Editors Note: The following report was prepared by the NE Captain, Pete Jones:

Our first NE league match (back in division 2!) was home against BAC.

With Wendy were Mike White, Rick and Ian and from an opening 2 ends which gave us a 6-0 lead, we never looked in any real danger. A five on the 14th end put an end to any possible doubt. The final score on this rink was 20-11.

With Keith Conway were Alan, Jake and Nigel who always seemed in control, even though we were pegged back a couple of times. However, a 4 and 2 on the 10th and 11th ends secured a victory which was increased due to BAC playing with one short. The final adjusted score was 19-8.

With Dave Edwards were Mark Dixon, making an impressive league debut, Dave Sunter (welcome back Dave!) and Pete. This was always close with neither side really getting a grip on the game until the penultimate end when BAC scored a 3 to go 3 up. We were holding 4 on the last end until their skip cut it down to 2 so the final score was 11-12.

We were happy with 8 points to start the season and look forward to further success.

Match Report: Bristol & District League Division 1 – Thurs 25th April 2024

Editors Note: The following report was provided by Kevin French.

An excellent start to the season picking up 10 points in our first game.

I’m not going to refer to “our campaign to stay in the first division”, we should, in my opinion, be in the first division, we have enough good players and on our day are as good, if not better, than most teams we are going to face. As far as I’m concerned our interest is how high we finish.

Congratulations and well done to team captain Calvin and vice Will for picking a winning team!

The game itself was very close and at one point it was a toss up as to whether we were going to get 10 points or just 2.

On Jim’s rink with Will, Trevor and “The Special One” they were always in front but dropping 4 out of the last 5 ends it was a question of whether they could get enough “cushion” of shots to help the other 2 rinks – they ended a very respectable 16-12.

On RKJ’s rink with Larry, Jon E and Calvin, apart from the first end they were always behind until end 14 when winning the last 4 finished 14-11 up. This was useful as on the last rink things were a bit fraught.

Editors Note: The Team Captain has asked for a mention in dispatches for RKJ who he said had an excellent game – well done Roger.

With Josh, the current Club Champion (Mark P), Kev and Phil things were going really well 13-4 up at 10 ends, but dropping a 6 went one behind to 13-14. The rink however then “got their heads down” and went into the last end 2 up. As the last end progressed it looked as if we might be 4 or 5 down, but Josh ‘s last wood sneaked in for second, so we nicked the win by 1. Well done Josh.

A great start.

Onto GB Britton at Home next week.