Glos Two Rink: Bristol St Andrew’s (A)

LOST (On both rinks)

Jim with Steve, Pete Jones and Larry.

RKJ with Will, Kev and Calvin.

After winning this competition last year our defence of the title was a damp squib.

For your interest we were losing finalists in 2017.

Out in first round in 2018/2019.

Winners in 2021

Out in first round 2022

A very volatile record – is it us or the glorious uncertainty of bowls?

All the best to our other Two Rink team on Monday at Page Park.

Match Report: Redland v Knowle (H) 07/07/22

Win 57-37: 8 points

A very welcome win and one we really did need to get under our belts. After last Sunday’s win in the Top Club and 2 rink to come on Saturday this could be building into a good week?

On RKJ’s rink with Will, Trev and Calvin went into a commanding 16-4 lead on 8 ends and winning 12 out of the 17 ended 23-7 up. Not sure how everybody played on this rink but clearly all must have played a part to win this well.

Editors Note: On leaving the rink RKJ was noted as saying that Will had a particularly good game.

On Jim’s rink with Larry, Nigel and Andy, coincidentally also being up 16-4 on 8 ends, but only winning 9 ends out of 17 (Editors Question: “only”? ;-)) finished 10 up. In reply to Editor’s Question I don’t care if they only won 3 ends to win by 10 is more than enough……

There was one wood bowled on a wrong bias and I am not sure who bowled that, but clearly couldn’t have been the “special one” could it? Editor’s Note: Middleton Cup Leads simply do not bowl a wrong bias – sometimes however spectators may be surprised at the tactics employed which mean staying well away from the head and possible even leaving the rink with your bowl 🙂

Over on Steve’s rink with Gerry, Dave and Kev they were slipping behind early on but with the other two rinks going well it was less crucial to the overall game win, if the deficit could be kept to manageable levels, but an extra 2 points would have been welcome, however we couldn’t get back into it and ran out 12-18 down.

Steve’s game may have been affected by Gerry knocking over Steve’s can of cider early on and one end Gerry lept up, we thought because of excitement, but he had sat on on top of Kev’s lighted ciggy, with all this going on, not a relaxing night!

We know we’ve got a fight on to remain in the first division, but the start of that was completed tonight.

Thanks to everybody for their good bowling and valued support over the last couple of weeks – onwards an upwards.

LL Match report week 10 (7th  July 2022) Home to Begbrook   (8 points )

The sun was shining it was not too hot , ideal bowling weather , much better than last week

Wendy’s  rink with Linda Carol and Nina  , established a lead at the beginning and held on to it ‘til the  end, 14- 5 at 12 ends , we failed to score again and went into the last end 14-12. Wendy did not deliver her last bowl, so we only went one down , squeaking a win  .

Karen’s rink with Gill, Dot and Liz played a good game leading by the 3rd end and not jeopardising that lead , at any point winning comfortably 25 -4

Top Club v Bradley Stoke (H) 03/07/22

WON 4-1

*STOP PRESS*. Trev has bought a new pair of trousers, which will save a repeat of the unseemly incident last week when they fell down!

Playing against a second division team the statistics say that we should actually win and that proved to be so, but having said that a likeable crew from Bradley Stoke made us work for the win.

As we know if you can win the two singles disciplines you are well on the way to winning the game.

Editors Note: The Captain is well known for his excellent maths 🙂

Andy got us off to a great start in the two woods taking an 8-2 lead and matching his opponent in winning the remaining ends ended 16-11 with two ends left to play.

Jim in the 4 wood singles proved a bit harder task being 6-7 down at 8 ends, but scoring a 4 the game changed round and we finished 21-15.

In the triples RKJ with Trev and Larry were always in front, but losing the last 4 ends finished 12-14 down.

On Gerry’s rink with Will, Nigel and your humble leader; the way Gerry was bowling I think his week away was at a high performance bowls course……He played some super woods and the rink went 12-3 in front. Gerry kept on standing where he wanted the jack but as Kev pointed out “I think you are going to have to put up with it where it ends up Gerry”. A 5 was dropped but the rink regrouped to end 17-14 and the overall game was won.

Incidentally Wendy commented that everybody says you’re short Kev but you seem to be getting near the jack (thanks Wendy, my demise is much exaggerated!)

Editors Note: When people say you are short Kev could they possibly be talking about your height and/or jack length?…….. 🙂 🙂 🙂

In the pairs with Steve and Calvin they went about their business in their usual efficient manner, were always in front and finished 19-10 up.

Thanks to Jim Gregory and Vince for marking and thanks to Wendy, Marek and Dave Edwards for their support (interestingly Bradley Stoke had more supporters than Redland!)

PS: On one end your “humble leader” sent a wood down and said, “That’s too tight, too short, nowhere near” and ended as a toucher. Which provides two lessons, shut up until your wood finishes and what many have suspected for many years, Kev doesn’t have a clue what he’s talking about.

Redland v Olveston (A) 30/06/22

Lost 30-44 ( abandoned after 12 ends) 1 point

Your worst nightmare a wet, windy, cold night at Olveston, although the natives are always friendly!

On RKJ’s rink with Will, Trev and Vince, Roger returning from his holiday and having a great game (clearly practising whilst he’s been away – although I’m not sure they have any greens in the Alps!) and with the rest of the rink playing very well, although going 12-1 down, got back into it and ended 13 all.

(Editors Note: The opposing skip, Ian Gauld was noted as saying that without Roger sending up some great “saving” woods Redland could easily have been 30 shots down…..)

On one end Trev’s trousers were falling down (fortunately, only his waterproofs) and whilst holding them up he managed to pop one right on the jack (I don’t think Alex Marshall has ever had that problem :-))

On Jim’s rink with Larry, Nigel and Andy again going down early on got back to 10-15 behind when the game was abandoned.

On Steve’s rink with Calvin, Dave and Kev, the third Redland rink going behind got back in, out, back in (the hokey cokey rink?) finished 7-16 adrift.

Who knows what might have been had the game gone to a conclusion?

A washout night really (literally) but thanks to Olveston for their usual hospitality. 

Ladies League Match report 29th  June 2022 AWAY at Henleaze  (7 points )

This was a top of the table clash, Henleaze were top 5 points ahead of us , we needed a minimum of 7 points to take the top spot . 

Wendy’s  rink with Linda Carol and Nina , took til the 7th end to get into the lead ,having dropped a 6 on the 3rd end , we held on to the lead right ‘til the last end when they picked one shot to draw ,  14 all .

Karen’s rink with Gill, Dot and Wanda played a good game leading by the 3rd end and not jeopardising that lead ,even dropping a 5 on the 15th end they still won comfortably 19-11

Lloyd Trophy: Redland v Bristol St Andrew’s (A) 28/06/22

LOST 37:71

In truth a pretty poor result, even taking into account the difficulties we had in getting both a Bristol & District and a North East team out to play tonight. 

I like my truisms to be right but on this occasion unfortunately, yet again, if one rink starts to go badly behind its very hard for the other two to make up the difference!

The game seemed to get away from us early on and with a second rink also slipping behind this proved to be the case with only one winning rink on the night.

Look, everybody bowled as well as they could, it was “one of those nights” and it would be pointless dwelling on a poor result……

Lots more games to play- and win – onwards and upwards 🙂

{Editors Note: I understand that the NE Team won last night but that is as far as my information goes at this point but well done!]

Match Report: Redland v GB Britton BC 23/06/22 (A)

LOST: 32-58 1 Point

Tonight GB’s extracted revenge for their defeat on Tuesday in the Glos Cup……

With a rink losing by a large amount it’s very difficult to win a game (Editor’s Note: another of the Captain’s truisms!), although we were hoping for a few more points from this game.

On Kev’s rink with Trev, Vince and Roger Plant it was kept tight until end 7, being only 5 behind, unfortunately your Captain was not  quite so brilliant tonight as he was on Tuesday. 🙂 (I knew my comments in Tuesday’s report would come back to haunt me!) and whilst nobody on the rink bowled badly, the opposition were constantly better and losing 10 ends on the trot this rink ended 5-28 down.

On Jim’s rink with Steve, Nigel and Andy being in front at end 12, it looked like we might get 2 points, but whilst we’ve got used to this rink winning and the boys having success individually, in bowls nothing is guaranteed and we dropped the last 3 ends, with GB’s skip bowling some great woods and we finished 13-16 behind. (Editor’s Note: In the game Gareth, the GB’s Skip bowled what is the best bowl I have ever seen in my 15 years of bowling, brilliant and must be applauded/recognised…..)

On Calvin’s rink with Will, Pete Jones (having his B&D debut and having an excellent game) and Larry, they traded shots for most of the game and we went into the last end 1 up but we dropped a shot and the rink was tied 14 all.

A disappointing overall outcome and halfway through the season I would have preferred us to be further up the table, but we enter the second half with all to play for.

PS: On a more positive note congratulations to the north east league boys who stayed top of division 2 with their result last night against K&H who are second – well done.

LL Match report week 8 (22nd  June 2022) Home to City and Port  (8 points )

Lin’s  rink with Nina and Dot tripling, seemed to be in charge for the whole game,  picking up a 6 on the 9th end helped,  finishing 21-8  , losing 25% of the score bringing the result to 15.75 – 8

Karen’s rink with Liz, and Wanda also tripling  played a tight game leading by the 5th end and not jeopardising that lead , the opposition were also tripling so the score 17-10 reduce by 25% for both teams 12.75 – 7.5

Well done Wanda for playing your second ever match as a league game !! Greatly appreciated without you we would have had to give the game which would have meant instead of gaining 8 points we would have lost 10 points  

Two winning rinks and and the overall win , giving us all 8 points .