LL week 12 Away @ Yate 6 points  

Karen’s rink with Liz, Carol and Wanda won 18-7, there was never any doubt that Redland would win on this rink, their high score ensured we got the 4 points (and the 2 points for winning the rink).

Wendy’s rink with Gill, Lyn and Nina appeared to be in control and up to the 12th end  (13-4) were well ahead , but Yate won the 13th end by 3 shots , and assumed control of the jack length , we lost 16-13.

Next week we are at home to Henleaze A

Match Reports 14th July 2023; Various

Shortened reports this week

Wednesday 12th Glos Cup v Bristol St Andrews won 48-43

Jim’s rink with Will, Trev and Pete 11-20

RKJ with Calvin, Mike and Mark 15-10

Josh with Larry, Ricmac and Gerry 22-13

Thanks to Pete Jones and Ric for being reserves and then being pulled into play.

And thanks to Mike White for turning up as ” spare reserve”.

Next round Wednesday 26th July 6pm Home v Kingswood and Hanham.

Thursday 13th July:

A double header against Bradley Stoke, unfortunately we could only manage one team win.

North East League Aaway v Bradley Stoke

Mike Roth’s with Jake, Ric and Alan 11-14 (a good fight back towards end).

Dave Edwards with Ian, Colin and Mike 14-23 (a bit of a struggle).

Kev French with Wendy, Derek and Pete 15-22 (a bit of a struggle).

B&D League Home v Bradley Stoke Won 59-31: 8 points

Jim with Will, Trev and Phil 26-7

Josh with Larry, Vince and Gerry 12-19

RKJ with Calvin, Mike and Mark 21-5

A shame to win by a large margin and only get 8 points, but another win and still going in the right direction, but we need to keep pushing forward to the finish line.

On other matters it should be noted that our “brave little soldier” Andy Gadd had to drop out of these games due to a (severe?) chest infection, but Will Carter who had a chest which had been run over by a car ,still played……. I’ll let you make up your own minds as to whose the toughy!

Editor’s Note: It was my wife who said that if I went to play bowls in the state I was in then I would be stupid – now I know that many of you believe I am stupid but I am not stupid enough to go against Juliet 🙂

And finally, to those who missed it last Sunday morning Andy and Jim won their senior pairs game and qualified for the Bowls England National Finals at Leamington having already qualified in the “normal pairs” for the second year running. Now I am no expert (editor put that bit in) but I would suggest this is a remarkable achievement, which I would think may take many years ,if ever, to be repeated ,from any Bowls England/Gloucestershire entrants. Very well played gentlemen.

B&D League Division 2: Redland v Imperial 06.07.23 Away

On a very difficult week to get out 24 players, let alone 2 ” teams”, thanks to everybody who rallied round.

Special thanks must however go to Will Carter, who dragged himself off of his sick bed (knowing how short we were ) to play. For those that may not know, Will was knocked down on Wednesday by a pizza delivery car. Car – smashed windscreen, ripped off wing mirror, dented bonnet! Will – cracked rib, bruised everywhere but hopefully no breakages. All I can say is you must be a toughy Will as car seems to have come off worse than you!

Onto the game 

Redland 50- Imperial 50 Draw 6 points.

A game you would hope we would have won, proved to be very testing on the Imperial artificial surface and finishing with 6 points, was in the end the best we could squeeze out of it.

On RKJ’s rink with Larry, Mike and Alan Taylor (making his B&D debut) could never quite get in front and finished 10-19 down.

On Jim’s rink with Will ,Trev and Andy, went storming into a 16-3 lead, but then the opposition seemed to bowl their way back into the game (especially on short jacks) and it was 23-14 at end 16. With Roger’s crew picking up a 2 on the last end we were then all square going into the last end, Jim’s crew conceded 1 shot, so it was over to Joshes bunch, with Kev, another B&D debutant, Phil Bunker and Jon trying to win the game.

We were holding 2, then went one down but with a brilliant last wood from Josh to take out the shot we were now holding 4. Unfortunately the opposition skip drew a great wood to get second and the rink was won by one 17-16 and the game all square. 

A tad disappointing, but still all going in the right direction in our campaign to get back into Division One. (But I must say that I think this task would be much easier if Andy stopped bowling wrong bias bowls – yes another one this evening! A little tip for you Andy, small circle goes on the inside 😉 )

Onto a home game against Bradley Stoke next week.

Gloucestershire/Bowls England Update:

It would be wrong of me not to mention our club successes and upcoming games in the Gloucestershire/ Bowls England competitions.

On Monday Jim and Andy played a nail biting Gloucestershire Pairs Semi Final at Frampton on Severn winning on the last end. This means that they have qualified for Leamington in the middle of August and very impressively is the second year in a row that they have done this and made the Gloucestershire Pairs Final – a really fantastic achievement, well played chaps.

Looking ahead on Sunday 9th July Josh will be playing in the Bowls England Champion of Champion Final and Andy and Jim will be playing in the Bowls England Senior Pairs Final. Both of these competitions give qualification to the National Finals at Leamington. Andy and Jim will be playing at Cotswold BC at 10am and Josh will be playing at 6.15pm at Fairford BC. We wish them both the very best of luck.

At Home to the Ardagh ALL 8 points

Karen’s rink with Carol, Dot and Liz won 13-12, a tight, nip and tuck game all through  .

Wendy’s rink with Gill and Colette tripling (get well soon Nina) were ruthless in their pursuit of shots , knowing they were going to lose one quarter of the score at the end we came off 29-3 but after reducing our score by the quarter, 213/4 -3 was the final result  .

B&D League Home v Fry’s 29.06.23

Won 57-31: 10 points

As the “Sage of Redland “, Jim Russell said this seemed like a proper game of bowls, with us having to pull out all the stops to get the win/10 points.

At one stage I was concerned that we might lose overall and was happy to contemplate perhaps not winning the game but winning on 2 rinks, at 9 ends we were just 6 shots up.

On Jim’s rink with Will, Trev and Andy, was not so much a steamroller this week more like a small compress!

A very low scoring game against a very good rink from Fry’s and we were always behind to end 10 but then winning the last 4 ends we finished 13-9 in front.

Editors Note: The result of this match was down to Jim bowling an excellent running wood near the end when Redland were 4 down gaining the shot………

On Roger’s rink with Calvin, Larry and Jon it was a different story, always in front and winning a very solid 22-12.

On Josh’s rink, again always in front and again a solid 22-10 win.

Interestingly at end 13 we were only 14 up overall, but not doing the historical Redland “trick” of slipping away we won 10 out of the last 12 ends.

Well done to all once again, onto the “vagaries/challenges” of the Imperial green next week.

PS A senior member who shall remain nameless complained to me “this lager tastes like cider?” Yes Andy that’s because you drew it from the cider tap!-it makes you wonder? Oh sorry did mention the name after all 🙂

PPS Best wishes and good luck from everyone go to Andy and Jim in their Glos Pairs quarter final match at Barnwood on Friday evening.  

Away  against Olveston  A -No points  

We beat them at home at the start of the season and they were determined not to let it happen again , Karen’s rink with Carol Dot and Liz lost 32 -3  . Wendy’s rink with Gill, Colette and Nina held on to the lead until the 10th end then it all went downhill losing 21 -12 .

But the rain held off, and they gave us a lovely pasty for supper so not all bad !

Lloyd Trophy Tuesday 27.03.23 Imperial (Away)

Won 60-42

On our first visit to Imperial and their synthetic green another good win in a busy week for Inter-club competitions.

It’s a different surface but it has lines and weights to find and provided you just get with it should be no problem and for many Redland players that proved to be the case. Hopefully a useful practice for when we play Imperial in the league later in the season.

On Jim’s rink with Will, Trev and Andy , and using seemingly their now well established “steam roller” tactics cruised to a 26-7 win.

Editor’s Note: Lets hope that steamroller keeps rolling on for the rest of the season……….

On Josh’s rink with RKJ, Kev and Gerry always in front they finished 21-13 up.

On Calvin’s rink with Larry, Nigel and Vince, it was not quite so dominant s performance from Redland and after being 12-11 up at 12 ends fell away slightly to end 13-22 down, but as the other rinks were well in front we could live with it.

Well done all next round away against Olveston- a much more tricky proposition!

PS Late news in tells me that unfortunately the NE TEam lost their Knock Out Cup game against Bristol St Andrews by 6 shots – a good effort, commiserations to all involved.

Clarence Davey Cup V Canford (Home) 26.06.23

Won 104-66

We are a stronger team than Canford, and should win these games, which we did, but all credit to our opponents, who kept plugging away until the end.

On Jim’s rink with Will, Trev and Andy they went off to a storming start going 18-1 up at 6 ends and being 24 up overall at this point the game looked easily winnable. However some doubt then crept in as at end 15 we were still only 19 up (across a 4 rink game 19 isn’t very many).

Back to Jim’s rink, easy to lose focus, but they kept on the pressure to win 39-8.

This was good news as on RKJ’s rink with Kev, Gerry and Mark, seemed determined to make the game interesting by dropping as many shots as Jim’s crew were picking up! Even with Mark Powell having a very good game, it was like watching a car crash in slow motion with 10 consecutive ends conceded and the final outcome 13-32 down. A strong performance last game, the opposite this time (that’s bowls for you).

On Josh’s rink with Keith, Mike Ingham and Jon, they were always in control and whilst being only 4 in front at 15 stepped up to win 25-16. The main problem was Josh being down on the last end and never giving up was he going to try to kill it? No Josh we’d won and we didn’t feel like staying until 10 o clock! This time josh decided getting in for a pint was more important and took shot down. 

On Calvin’s rink with Larry, Nigel and Vince, again they were always in front and finished 29-10 up.

Well done all, next round against Severn Vale or Victory Park.

Finally thanks to Dave Edwards and Jake for turning up as reserves and thanks to all other members for their support.

Friday 23rd June away against Kingswood and Hanham  A -No points  

Gill’s rink with Wanda, Colette and Liz went away and were 6 -0 up at the 5th end , but once Kingswood got the jack to their preferred length they controlled the game, losing 26-12 .

Wendy’s rink with Nina and Carol tripling (again) were nip and tuck all through , unfortunately although we finished 19 -15 on the card  having to reduce our rink score by a quarter we lost 15-14 ¼

We have completed the first half of the league fixtures  now and will be away at Olveston next Wednesday evening.