Match Report: Clarence Davey Redland v Bradley Stoke (A)

Won 89-47

Thanks to Wendy and Linda for their support.

Thanks to our reserves who were on standby, Marek was our morning sub, and was stood down at 12noon, Derek who was our afternoon sub and was stood down at 4.00, and Alan Taylor who was our last minute reserve, stood down at 5.45, all this may seem irrelevant but I don’t think people appreciate the amount of stress having reserves takes off Kev and Calvin, after all who wants to ruin 31 players night, because someone can’t make it. Thanks to those 3 once again.

Onto the game, on a testing green, and having a rain shower early on, and coming off the back of a good win on Tuesday.

It would have been easy to lose some focus, however this proved not to be and a solid win was achieved.

On Gerry’s rink with Mike Ingham, Dave Edwards and Andy Gadd (this rink taking their turn to suffer Andy-sorry chaps) went into an early lead to go 9-3 up, but then winning an incredible 12 ends on the trot ran out 30-3 winners, with a margin like that the game is halfway won.

On Calvin’s rink with Larry, Dave Sunter and Roger Plant were always just in front and whilst slipping slightly towards the end finished 17- 15 up.

On Roger’s rink with Will, Trev and Nick, were fairly level for most of the way and picking up a six, went in front at end 13 didn’t quite manage to stay there, ending 19-21 but with the lead we had on other rinks one or two up or down doesn’t make much difference.

On Jim’s rink with Steve, Vince and Kev, being pleased to have a rest from Andy were not quite as pleased with Kev’s woods, but it’s always a team game and  being behind only once, pushed ahead to win 23-12.

A good solid win and onto the semi final next Friday.

P.s Kev announced at the start he was applying to join Bradley Stoke, as there is a kebab van parked in the near vicinity of the clubhouse, and it seemed perfect to him, after his bowling the team said that as his woods were not in the vicinity of the jack, they would be quite happy to see him go!

Match Report: Redland v Bristol (H) 21/07/22

LOST: Redland 38 Bristol 57 0 points

Disappointing to get no points from this match, at one point 2 looked on the cards but it was not to be.

On Gerry’s rink with Larry, Vince and Kev started very poorly and went 16-2 down, and it looked like a disaster was on the cards, however picking up 9 over three consecutive ends got back to being 17-13 down and holding 5 it looked as though there was a chance, Bristol’s skip (Dave Churchill) managed to get in to cut the count down to only one, the last end was lost and we ended 14-18 behind.

On Jim’s rink with Steve, Nigel and Andy were never far behind but couldn’t catch up and finished 9-16 down.

On Roger’s rink they went away very strongly to be 11-8 up and we were hoping for a possible 2 points at least, but Bristol seemed to start bowling and picking up 5 of the last six ends, our hopes of points were dashed, we ended 15-23 behind.

Our struggle to stay in the first division continues, all is not lost, and some good results over the next few weeks may get us over the line?

LL Match report week 12 (20th  July 2022) Home to Olveston   ( 0 points )

A lovely evening for bowling the temperatures were back to normal for July . Olveston B team were 5th on the table 22 points behind us , it should have been a very different result .

Wendy’s  rink with Linda Carol and Wanda   , were simply out bowled , losing 9 of the 17 ends and finishing 21-12  

Karen’s rink with Gill, Dot and Liz played a good game keeping it tight all the way. Olveston picked up a 4 on the twelfth end, but they fought their back to go in to the last end 15 all . Olveston  managed to draw the shot and won 16-15 .

Clarence Davy (rearranged game) v GB Britton (A) 19/07/22

Won 86-67

After a fraught couple of weeks, including arranging a date and a team, and whether we were going to face temperatures hotter than the face of the sun (folks I wouldn’t take those weather forecasts as gospel!), eventually a game of bowls was played and a winner found.

I’m very pleased that was Redland.

Thanks to everybody who played, special thanks to Marek, Jake Peggs for being on standby as reserves and Steve Ford for being travelling reserve and also thanks to GB Brittons Chairman for his genuine thanks and wishes for the best of luck in the next round.

Onto the game on Gerry’s rink with Mike, Dave Edwards and Pete Jones started well to go 6-3 up, slipped behind to go 10-17 down, and at this point in the game all was fairly equal and they could have let the score get away, however winning 6 out of the last 8 ends came back to keep the deficit down to 3 shots( 16-19), over 4 rinks 3 behind can be handled.

On RKJ’s rink with Will, Trev and Nick Hunt went into a 5 nil lead, but matching Gerry also went 10-17 behind, but also regrouping pulled it back to finish 21-20.

On Andy’s rink, inspired selection putting Andy at skip (we won’t do that again!) seriously though he had a  a good game, and with Kev, Nigel and Jon Emerson, Andy had advised Jon to use the same tight woods as him (for the first time in this game), which was clearly rediculous advice and  Jon really struggled to get his woods more than a foot away from the jack on every end, so perhaps advice usefull, a great game from Jon. We went 10-4 down, but again as on the other rinks it started changing from end 14 and charged ahead to win 25-14.

On Calvin’s rink with Larry, Dave Sunter and Roger Plant were always in front, and were 13-5 in front at 11 ends, again pegged back to be only 3 in the lead, again as on the other rinks regrouped and sealed the win 24-14. 

Being only 3 shots up across the board at 14 ends, we won 20 of the remaining 26 ends, so it just goes to show my paranoia about Redland always falling behind towards the finish, may not be justified!

Excellent win, thanks and well-done to everyone.

Match Report: Top Club v Olveston (A)

LOST 0-5

All a bit of a damp squib really, when you play a club as strong as Olveston you have to be on top form and hope perhaps your opponents ,slightly below, to have a good chance – not negative ,just a realistic assessment.

Andy started in the 2 wood and was pipped on the final end to be  one down.

In the pairs with Calvin and Steve, unfortunately we had to concede this game, due to a back injury to Steve.

With 2 disciplines lost and with RKJ rink, with Trev and Larry slipping behind, and although with us bowling well but with Chris Blake, I thought a friend of ours?, put his woods right on the jack, not very friendly!, Jack Drysdale and Paul Bryant (Olveston’s Skip) clearly having a fantastic game the whole game looked dead, and we conceded at 14 ends.

On Gerry’s rink with Will, Mike and Kev always matching opponents, but conceded at one behind with 4 ends to go.

Jim Russell, in the singles playing Ian Gauld, both players very sportingly started to play, and whilst Ian gained an early advantage, who knows what might have been had the game hinged on this, however they shook hands early and retired to clubhouse for a second pint.

A useful little run in this comp – always next year.

Editor’s Apology:

In the Match Report dated 14/07/22 “Redland v Yate (A)” I made a reference to John Smallwood of Olveston. It has been pointed out to me that this was very poor judgement on my part and I can only sincerely apologise to John and say that in light of this poor judgement by me I feel it is only right that I stand down as Editor of these Match reports which I do with immediate effect. Andy Gadd.

Match Report: Redland v Yate (A) 14/07/22

Won 61-43: 8 points

A very welcome 8 points in our Bristol & District League campaign.

On RKJ’s rink with Will, Trev and Calvin started in front but losing a few ends on the trot slipped behind to go 12-6 down, a spirited comeback got to level pegging at end 14, however the momentum couldn’t be maintained and we ended 14 17 down.

On Jim’s rink with the special ones’ (that’s Vince and Steve [Will please notice correct punctuation mark!]) and once again they seemed to have been put on the worst rink of the whole green, judging by the numerous complaints (I think they might be getting a bit paranoid?), but they can complain as much as they like if they carry on winning and this they did, picking up 3 fours and winning 11 ends to finish 27-10 up.

Editor’s Note: [Deleted]

Over on Gerry’s rink with Larry, Dave and Kev went into a 8-0 lead, but were pegged back and at 11 ends were 12 all and in the game  we were only 4 up overall, but picking up a 4 were back in front with Jim’s rink powering ahead the game was won. The question remained could we get maximum points?. Roger was just pipped at the end, but Gerry’s rink managed to win the last 3 ends and the rink ended 20-16 up.

As I said at the start, a useful result.

Important week ahead, Top Club Saturday, Clarence Tuesday and League Thursday, let’s hope we are on a winning roll……

PS It’s been pointed out to me that I didn’t thank Trev for his support both on Monday and on Tuesday – thank you Trev!

LL Match report week 11 (13th  July 2022) away at Page Park  42- 16 (8 points )

The sun was shining, but not in our eyes ,it was not too hot despite the forecast , ideal bowling weather.

Wendy’s  rink with Linda Carol and Nina  , established a lead at the beginning and held on to it ‘til the  end, 12- 5 at 12 ends , picked up a 5 on the penultimate end finishing 20- 9.

Karen’s rink with Gill, Dot and Liz played a good game picked up a 5 on the second end leading all the way 15 at the 12th end , winning comfortably 22 -7

We are still top of the division ,  3 points ahead of Henleaze, and the last two games have improved our shot difference significantly from plus 20 two weeks ago to plus 68.25 now. Only 3 games left this season… we still have Olveston B, Greenbank and Canford left to play .

Gloucestershire County Cup: Redland v Avonvale (A) 12/07/22

Won 59-53

I don’t know where to start, a classic example of the “carry on bowls club”, you never know what’s going to happen next!

Here’s some background.

Andy was playing in Swindon (National over 55 singles , Gloucestershire/Oxfordshire area semi-final, which he unfortunately just lost, but had committed to making it back to play in this game. With the motorway etc however if delayed we had a reserve on standby. Andy was on his way back so our reserve was partly stood down, Andy arrived at the green , so reserve was fully stood down.

It was now noticed one player wasn’t there who was contacted and we were told “I couldn’t find the green, so went home”, unbelievable, so a call went into our reserve to hot foot it over to Avonvale and with discussions about the rules with the opposition it was decided that if he turned up by 6.45 the game was still on. The reserve duly arrives at the green with one minute to spare or we would have forfeited the game to a walk-over!

Thank you to Avonvale for their patience.

So the reserve did turn up within time and we did play and we did win, who was this knight in shining armour you ask?, none other than Dave Sunter, who put the team and club first, no trial ends and bowled some bloody good woods!

Not the best of starts to get into the right frame of mind.

To the game ;

On Gerry’s rink with Mike, Dave and Kev, always in front and with Gerry bowling brilliantly, with help from the rest of the rink, keeping losing ends to only one down, ended 23-7 up.

On Jim’s rink with Steve, Pete Jones and Andy, they seemed to be getting frustrated with the green/rink (we’ve all been there) were always behind and 7 down on end 13 and getting more and more frustrated it didn’t look good, however a game changing shot from Jim, when 5 down, pulling the jack back to us to pick up a 5 we ended 15-23 down.

On Rogers rink an equally game changing end when 5 down, we picked up a 6, so 11 across the board and we were now in front on the match, Roger’s crew kept it tight and ran out 21-23 down.

We finished 6 up overall, so very close really, but in the circumstances a very good result.

Gloucestershire Two Rink (2): Redland v Page Park (A) 11/07/22

Lost 45 – 43

A cracking effort against Page Park’s A team, in fact a rink of 4 of their best players stood down from the next round of the Glos 4s which they had qualified for in order to play, fair play to those guys putting club in front of personal (we didn’t have that option, as most of our Glos 4 guys had played in the A team on Saturday.)

On Dave Edward’s rink with Dave Sunter, Jon Emerson and Roger Plant, were nip and tuck for the first 13 ends but their opponents and arguably the Page Park top rink started to put on the pressure, at 20-10 down it looked as though the game might get away, but we kept it tight and finished 13-24 down.

Meanwhile on Mike’s rink with Phil, Alan and Marek they were always in front and started pulling away, to be 20-9 up and with Dave’s rink finishing first, we went into the last end all square, we needed a dapper* but this was not to be and we dropped a 2 to be 2 behind and losing the game overall.

Disappointing result in the end, but our guys can be very pleased with the way they played and made Page work hard for their win.

* Definition – dapper- a wood right on the jack on the last 2 ends