Match Report: NE Division 2 18/07/24

The following report was written by Pete Jones:

This was top v. bottom, but as we have said before, nothing is straightforward in this game! But, as it turned out, a reasonably comfortable evening.

On Ian’s rink, with Mark D, Dave E and Pete, all was level after 10, but then we pulled away and a 4 on the last end secured a 21-12 win. 

On Wendy’s rink, with, Mike W, Alan and Rick, there was never any real doubt, winning ends 3-10, and despite Arrow’s 4 on the last we won 25-4(not 14!)

 On Nick’s rink with, Phil, Dave H and Jon, it was still fairly even after 11 and 14, but a 3 on 15 settled the nerves and gained another positive result, 19-14.

St Andrew’s next week, and then Olveston and Page Park…

Match Report: B&D Division 1 18/07/24

The following report was written by Kevin French:

Another competent win and with the results from other games going our way we increase the lead over our nearest league rivals.

On Jim’s rink with Will, Trev and Andy this crowd have changed from “steady eddy ” to a shot making machine! Picking up a 6 then a 7 on the first 2 ends and then only conceding 3 ends finished with a stunning 34 3 win.

With this rink putting us up by 22 shots by end 7 the whole game should be virtually ” in the bag”- provided the other rinks didn’t do anything “stupid” a win was clearly on the cards (but knowing Redland I wouldn’t bet against it?!)

On Josh’s rink with Larry, Nigel and Kev  picked up a 6 on the fourth end to go 9 1 up but couldn’t quite keep up the momentum to go even further in front, but finished  very sure-footed 19 13 winners.

With the whole game clearly won it was over to RKJ rink with Mike, Jake and Calvin to see if we could get the whole 10 points, this was obviously a closely fought affair with only a total of 23 shots from both teams over the17 ends.

We went into the last end level but unfortunately no ” dapper “was bowled and we dropped one to end 11 12 down (a very close thing).

Well done once again, home to Olveston next week in what may well turn out to be a crucial game in our league campaign.

For the record Lloyd Trophy away v Begbrook Green Tuesday 18th July won 58 31

Jim ,Will, Trev, Andy 16 13

Josh, Mark, Nigel, Calvin 27 7

RKJ, Mike, Larry, Jon 15 11

Editor’s Note: I have been asked why there was no much report for the Lloyd Trophy game. The simple reason was that Kevin was not selected for that game and I only post the reports, I don’t write them. If anybody would like to volunteer to write reports when Kevin isn’t present please let Calvin know.

Match Report: Glos Cup 12/07/24

The following report was written by Kevin French:

A strong win against our friends and closest bowls neighbours from Henleaze BC.

On Jim’s rink with Will ,Trev and Andy, currently no opposition seems to be able to live with this rink with a 5 and a 6 scored and only 3 ends dropped finished remarkable 36-3 winners.

On RKJ’s rink with Mike, Dave Sunter (coming in as a late reserve-thanks Dave) dropped the first two ends but then only conceded a further 2 all game to win 23-11.

On Josh’s rink with Larry, Nigel and Kev, never really got into it and lost 9-18.

Poor old Josh ran the range of emotions tonight, depression from losing the game, further compounded by his offer to the opposition skip of a drink, who then asked for a double whiskey, the colour drained from Josh’s face until he discovered a ” club double” only cost £2, at which point his demeanour changed and he then looked happier than he had all night!

Well done everybody 

On to the Lloyd Trophy on Tuesday at Begbrook

Match Report: 11th July NE League Division 2

The following report was written by Pete Jones:

This was a solid win which has kept us at the top of the league and extended our shot difference.

On Nick’s rink, with Gerry (making a very welcome first league appearance of the season), Dave H and Pete, it started off very evenly, but then we established a commanding lead, although at 18-3 we were thinking back to last Thursday! However, we pushed on and finally won 26-9.

On Nigel’s rink, with Mike, Bruce and Vince, the match was finely poised 5-4 after 8, but then a couple of 3s took Page Park into a strong position. We fought back and it was 12-12 after 15. Unfortunately, 2 extremely frustrating ends just edged things away from us to make the final score 12-14.

On Dave Sunter’s rink, with Phil, Dave E and Rick, we took early command of the match going up 8-1 after 6, and 11-2 after 8. A comeback followed, making it a nervous 13-11 after 15, but some steady bowling in the last 2 resulted in a good 15-11 victory.

Match Report: 11th July B&D League Division 1

The following report was written by Kevin French:

Back to our winning ways and an increase by one point in our lead over our nearest rivals in the League.

Ok they still have a game in hand but we already have the points so they are chasing us.

An interesting game which encapsulated the swings and roundabouts of this silly game we play.

On the “boring” rink with Jim, Will, Trev and Andy they once again provided no excitement in their winning ways going into the lead straight away and never looking like they were in any trouble and ended 23-10. I’ve said before, and we can’t expect it in every game but it is really confidence building for the rest of the team when we look at this rink and think “well at least thats 2 points in the bag”.

On Josh’s rink with Larry, Mike and Kev and all four bemoaning the standard of our play we then  proceeded to go 18 1up! We won seven consecutive ends but then perhaps the opposition also realised that we weren’t playing that well and proceeded to take next 9 ends on the trot and we ended with a very nervy 18-15 win.

On RKJ’s rink with Calvin, Jake and Jon a problematical start included conceding a 6, went 11 nil down and at this point a lesser rink may have  rolled over, but winning the next 7 to go level at end 11, then trading shots over the last few finished with a draw for a very welcome extra point.

Editor’s Note: Following his period away with injury Jon wasn’t bowling his best at the start so I gave him a quick coaching lesson to try and help him with his delivery. Pleasingly his bowling did improve but a couple of ends later he proceeded to bowl a wrong bias – I know I do it all of the time Jon but that wasn’t part of the lesson! 🙂 

A busy few days coming up with:

County Cup home to Henleaze on Friday 12th

Lloyd Trophy away to Begbrook on Tuesday 16th

League games for B&D and NE Thursday 18th

Lets win them all.

Match report: NE Division 2: 05/07/14

The following report was written by Pete Jones:

A great shame to have missed a 10-0 (see below), but still top of the league after 11.

On Dave’s rink, with Phil, Dave E and Jon, we built up a very solid lead, 10-1 after 8, but that became 10-8 after 11. The next few ends proved crucial in securing a dominant lead, eventually winning 18-12.

On Nick’s rink, with Mark, Rick and Pete, we raced to a (surely winning!) 18-5 lead after 10 ends, but then somehow? capitulated, and managed to snatch a draw from the jaws of victory. Has that been used in the Euros yet? 18-18

On Nigel’s rink, with Mike W, Bruce and Vince, the first 5 ends were not promising (0-8)…

But we brought it back to level at 10-10 after13. Some great bowling, especially from Nigel on the last end, ensured the win: 14-12.

Again, thanks to all who played and looked after us in the clubhouse.

Match Report: B&D Division 1: 04/07/24

The following report was written by Kevin French:

Unfortunately we could not carry on our winning ways, we perhaps should have performed better against a slightly understrength GB’s team, however GB’s are always fully competitive and clearly had the better of us tonight.

On Josh’s rink with Mark, Keith and Kev, behind early on, won 7 ends on the trot and then proceeded to lose the next 6, clearly a game of two halves with final  result  15-21

On Jim’s rink with Will, Trev and Andy, also went behind early on, tried to stage a comeback towards the second half, but just couldn’t pull off thieir usual strong finish and also ended 6 shots adrift to end 13-19.

On RKJ’s rink (with Roger having played at lead earlier in the week and now at skip proving he’s a competent bowler in any position) Mike, Jake and Larry another rink not to start well came back to be in front for 2 ends, slipped slightly and went to into the last end needing 3 to win, we were holding 2 and Rog made a sterling effort with his last wood but just couldn’t sneak the extra shot and we ended all square 17-17 

P.S. Happy holiday wishes to Mark and Keith- leaving the rest of us working hard at the “bowls coalface” and me to put up with Josh on my own!

Onto next game home to Weston Bath.

Editor’s Note: We may well rue this defeat as Willmott Park lost 10-0 at Page Park. We therefore currently remain top of the Division but as our “rest week” doesn’t come to the end of the season we have, in effect, played one more game than our chasing pack of Bristol, Willmott and Olveston.

Match Report: Clarence Davy Cup 01/07/24

The following report was written by Kevin French:

A good solid win against what can often be tricky opposition and on an often tricky green (although to Avonvale’s credit they have made great progress in improving the playing surface this year).

With our “beloved leader”, Calvin, not playing and having the time to watch everybody’s performance there was no hiding place for a bad bowl – it was all noted!

Editor’s Note: Including a wrong bias by an un-named Redland player?

On Josh’s rink with Mark P, Jake and Kev powered ahead to 14 2 up, had a mid game “wobble” to be only 3 in front, then pushed on again to end 22 14.

PS. Josh confessed to bowling two “unforgivable” poor woods – don’t worry Josh, we forgive you!

On Larry’s rink with Mike I, Ian and Phil, were always close and from being 2 down at 11 ends won 7 out of the last 9 to finish 20 13.

On “Eddies” rink with Jim, Will, Trev and Andy were always in front until tied on end 10, then winning 7 out of the next 9 ran out 23 12 up.

On Keith’s rink with Nigel, Vince and Roger, once again proving his versatility in leading powered ahead to be 14 3 up, a 5 conceded evened things up slightly, but was taken in our stride and regrouped to end 21 14 in front.

As I said a good solid win, next round home to either St Anne’s Park or GB Brittons.

N.B I was taken to task by some of our newer members for my concern/worry/panic? about the game when we were some way in front – remember chaps having played for Redland for many years I’ve been in / watched some of the stupid games where we have snatched defeat from victory! Although to be fair over the last number of years we seemed to have put that sort of thing  behind us 

And let’s keep up our winning ways for the League this Thursday both City & County and North East 👍

Match Report: Two Rink 30/06/24

The following report was written by Andy Gadd:

Having won this competition in two of the last three years and being the current defending Champions the pressure was certainly on in this game and with some of our “star” players unable to play this only added to the pressure.

On Larry’s rink with Mark Dixon, Jake and Keith at three they were playing well but unfortunately dropped a five on end 11 to go 11-16 down. A dropped four on end 14 only added to the deficit but they immediately bounced back picking up a three and they went into the 17th end 15-23 adrift. They played the game in a very sensible way appreciating that it is the overall score that is crucial.

Meanwhile on what Kevin French has previously styled the “steady eddie” rink Andy, Bruce (subbing for Trevor) Will and Jim were never behind after picking up a six on the second end and went into the 17th end 20-11 up.

The mathematicians among you will therefore have worked out that at this stage we were in fact only 1 up on the game overall and I for one was, to say the least, a little nervous.

Both rinks however rose to the occasion with Larry’s rink winning the last two ends with a 1 and a 2 to finish 18-23.

As Jim’s rink picked up a 1 on their 17th end this meant we were 5 up as we played the last end.

Some good bowling by Jim put two woods into the head to cut a possible count down and we dropped a 2 to win overall by 3. 👏

These are the games that test us as a team/squad and I am very pleased that we came through this test with flying colours.

I would like to mention the Frampton guys who played the game in a great spirit and to the ladies in the kitchen who provided bacon rolls on arrival.

Finally thanks to Calvin and Karen for making the journey to cheer us on.