Bristol & District League: Redland v GB’s (Home) 25/08/22

LOST: 2 Points

Your ” roving reporter” phoning in from Kingswood where the NE league team were hoping to finish the season as champions, unfortunately they couldn’t quite manage this and losing 2 points to 8 we ended in second place, losing out to Kingswood and Hanham on shot difference.

Never the less promotion to division one a great result.

Thanks to everyone who played, and the ladies who helped us make a full team when we short (and also played very well).

Onto the B&D team, I can’t give a detailed report, I was not there to see it as I was at Kingswood watching north east (I’m trying to ingratiate myself with the north east team as I may well not be selected for the B&D next yea,!)

Only losing by 5 a reasonable showing, nice to see 3 of our ” new guys ” getting into the swing of things, with much enthusiasm, let’s hope it continues next year, those guys are showing great promise.

Rink results for the record:

OnJim’s rink with Keith, Trev and Jon Emerson lost 12-14

On Will’s rink with Calvin, Gerry and Andy Won 19-10

On RKJ’s rink with Larry, Vince and Nick lost 17-25

As I said before, a disappointing season to see us going into division 2, but with current team and players “coming through” no reason to not feel optimistic about next year.

Finally, good luck to Jim and Andy who play in the National Pairs on Sunday at Leamington.

B&D League: Redland v Willmott Park (H) 18/08/22

Lost: 3 Points

Firstly congratulations to the North East League bowls boys who sealed promotion tonight to the first division. We await other results to see if we can still go up as champions.

On to less positive matters;

Tonight sealed our relegation fate, but we put up a good fight against a very strong Willmott Park team.

On Will’s rink, with Calvin, Jake and Pete Jones and Will having his B&D skip debut, it was a baptism of fire, and playing against a Willmott skip who’s about to go off to the Bowls England National Finals it was always going to be a bit of a struggle and we never quite seemed to get into it to end 6-25 behind.

The deficit here was not unsurmountable as on RKJ’s rink with Larry, Vince and Nigel were always in front and were 13-3 up at end 11, they conceded a few ends but ended winning 15-10.

At 12 ends we were only 5 shots behind and on Jim’s rink with Kev, Trev and Andy were always threatening to pick up a 3 or a 4, and if that had happened it might have been a different outcome to the match, but couldn’t quite pull it off due to some excellent bowling by the Willmott skip and finished all square at 12-12.

Chaps, in a “normal” season we would have accumulated enough points to remain in division one, but this year it was not to be.

Match Report: B&D League Redland v Weston Bath (a)

LOST: 29-68 0 points

We’ve been keeping the fat lady from singing over the last few weeks, but I’m afraid she’s on the stage, our campaign to stay in division 1 may be over, not mathematicaly certain perhaps, but I think we have to prepare for division 2 bowls next year.

Ok, so circumstances of the league arrangements (3 relegated this year) have conspired against us, in truth we haven’t bowled well enough in the league this season.

Onto the game:

On a very fast surface, we started badly and were in fact 22 down at 4 ends, perhaps then getting to grips with the conditions, we rallied slightly to be only 7 behind 4 ends later, and could we now push on?, but out of the remaining 27 ends across the board we only won 5 – not really good enough.

On Gerry’s rink with Calvin, Vince and Kev 13-19

On Jim’s rink with Steve, Trev and Keith 8-24

On RKJ’s rink with Will, Nigel and Larry 8-25

Apologies for slightly downbeat report, but no point fooling ourselves, however we’ve had good cup runs, and individual successes, this season, so clearly we can bowl well and no reason not to face next year with a positive attitude.

Match Report B&D League: Redland v Page Park (H) 04/08/22

Won: 47-46 6 points

A fascinating game which just saw us win to gain a very useful 6 points.

On Gerry’s rink with Kev, Vince and Andy started off really well to get a 5 on the first end, but couldn’t push home this initial advantage and went behind, but a class wood from Gerry to pull the jack into the ditch to gain a 2 on the last end, which would prove to be very important.

(Ps Page Park’s lead was a new bowler and he had the good luck to have Andy giving him his total bowls knowledge from end one and continuing over drinks at the end, Andy’s advice may have been very useful but the Page lead did leave Redland with a glazed look on his face!)

On Jim’s rink with Calvin, Trev and league debutant Ian Johnson started well but went behind at 10 ends, and this went on, but winning the last 2 including a 4 on the last end finished 14-17 down, but that 4 was important.

On RKJ’s rink with Will, Nigel and Roger were always in front, but could they get far enough in front to counteract the other 2 rinks?

So at end 15 we were 6 down overall, but that 2 from Gerry and the 4 from Jim meant we entered the last end all square, all to play for!

Rog Plant bowled a “dapper” and things looked good however this was taken off and after more woods we were 3 down with Rog Jones left to bowl, and what a cracker it was, a foot off the jack and shot, the opposition skip couldn’t change anything and Rog didn’t have to bowl his last wood, we had sneaked a overall win by one.

It’s not all over, still in with a good chance of remaining in the first division.

Match Report: Clarence Davy Semi Final v Bristol St Andrew’s 29/07/22


After our problematical Clarence campaign, we were in the semis, and whilst perhaps not having our total full strength team, with our north east players and our new guys playing the way they are I was never in any doubt that this was a game we could win, and we were so close to doing so.

On Jim’s rink with Mike Ingham, Trev and Keith powered into a 23 – 3 lead, conceding only 5 ends, but unfortunately 2 of these were towards the end, which was a pattern developing over the other Redland rinks, they ended 24 – 9 up, You can’t do anymore than that, and you give the team a real chance.

Across the green I think we all realised that you can’t be lulled into false sense of security by a rink steaming ahead.

On Steve’s rink with Mike Roth, Dave Edwards and Vince, this was a game of two halves winning 8 out of the first 13, then dropping away in the second half finished 12 – 28 (not a proper reflection of score, as 7 shots conceded on last 2 ends, endeavouring to go for extra shots).

On Calvin’s rink with Kev, Dave Sunter and Roger Plant went behind early on to be 5 – 13 behind, but kept plugging away to be only 2 down at 15, but following the Redland trend lost 4 of the last 5 to end 15 – 23 down.

On RKJ’s rink with Will, Nigel and Nick were behind early on won 5 ends in the middle and were only 2 down at 18 ends, again the Redland curse struck and we couldn’t quite get in front to be 15 – 19 down.

Starting end 18 we were actually 2 up overall, but your could feel the tide turning, and we were outplayed over the closing stages and the match was lost.

Not a good week for Redland, but I see a good number of our new guys with all the “makings of being really good bowlers”, so I’m very optimistic for the future.

Thanks to Marek, Phil and Ian Johnson for being on standby as reserves.

Match Report: Redland v Bristol St Andrew’s 28/07/22 B&D League (A)

Lost 34-51 2 points

We were hoping that this was a game we might win, but not to be, although 2 points may be very welcome at the end of the season.

On Jim’s rink with Steve, Trev and Vince went into a early 11-2 lead, but had the “middle wobble” and came back to be one behind at end 14, but managed to pick up and protecting their lead ended 17-16.

On RKJ’s rink with Will, Calvin and Roger Plant, were always behind, and actually winning more ends than their opponents ,just couldn’t get in front and finished 10-16 down.

On Gerry’s rink with Kev, Nigel and Andy were never really in the game and whilst not dropping any big counts kept being pipped on ends to run out 7-19 behind.

Interestingly we lost 7 out of the last 15 ends across the board, but out of those we dropped 5 threes, if they had been ones the match would have been very close……

Still struggling, still not out of it, onto Page Park next week.

Match Report: Glos Cup Section Final v Olveston 26/07/22

Lost (conceded at 18 ends)

Thanks firstly to Dave Sunter for being on last minute standby.

Chaps, Olveston are a stronger team than we are, that’s not negative just a realistic assessment, and when you play you hope perhaps we can be on top form and they can be slightly below, and then who knows what might happen?

Tonight that was not to be.

On Roger’s rink with Will, Trev and Calvin they held their heads high to be our most successful rink finishing only 2 behind.

On Jim’s rink with Steve, Nigel and Andy and on Gerry’s rink with Mike, Vince and Kev, both rinks never really got going and were both fairly well beaten.

All the best to Olveston in the semi final, and thanks to GB Britton for hosting the game and providing very welcome food afterwards.

Match Report: Clarence Davey Redland v Bradley Stoke (A)

Won 89-47

Thanks to Wendy and Linda for their support.

Thanks to our reserves who were on standby, Marek was our morning sub, and was stood down at 12noon, Derek who was our afternoon sub and was stood down at 4.00, and Alan Taylor who was our last minute reserve, stood down at 5.45, all this may seem irrelevant but I don’t think people appreciate the amount of stress having reserves takes off Kev and Calvin, after all who wants to ruin 31 players night, because someone can’t make it. Thanks to those 3 once again.

Onto the game, on a testing green, and having a rain shower early on, and coming off the back of a good win on Tuesday.

It would have been easy to lose some focus, however this proved not to be and a solid win was achieved.

On Gerry’s rink with Mike Ingham, Dave Edwards and Andy Gadd (this rink taking their turn to suffer Andy-sorry chaps) went into an early lead to go 9-3 up, but then winning an incredible 12 ends on the trot ran out 30-3 winners, with a margin like that the game is halfway won.

On Calvin’s rink with Larry, Dave Sunter and Roger Plant were always just in front and whilst slipping slightly towards the end finished 17- 15 up.

On Roger’s rink with Will, Trev and Nick, were fairly level for most of the way and picking up a six, went in front at end 13 didn’t quite manage to stay there, ending 19-21 but with the lead we had on other rinks one or two up or down doesn’t make much difference.

On Jim’s rink with Steve, Vince and Kev, being pleased to have a rest from Andy were not quite as pleased with Kev’s woods, but it’s always a team game and  being behind only once, pushed ahead to win 23-12.

A good solid win and onto the semi final next Friday.

P.s Kev announced at the start he was applying to join Bradley Stoke, as there is a kebab van parked in the near vicinity of the clubhouse, and it seemed perfect to him, after his bowling the team said that as his woods were not in the vicinity of the jack, they would be quite happy to see him go!

Match Report: Redland v Bristol (H) 21/07/22

LOST: Redland 38 Bristol 57 0 points

Disappointing to get no points from this match, at one point 2 looked on the cards but it was not to be.

On Gerry’s rink with Larry, Vince and Kev started very poorly and went 16-2 down, and it looked like a disaster was on the cards, however picking up 9 over three consecutive ends got back to being 17-13 down and holding 5 it looked as though there was a chance, Bristol’s skip (Dave Churchill) managed to get in to cut the count down to only one, the last end was lost and we ended 14-18 behind.

On Jim’s rink with Steve, Nigel and Andy were never far behind but couldn’t catch up and finished 9-16 down.

On Roger’s rink they went away very strongly to be 11-8 up and we were hoping for a possible 2 points at least, but Bristol seemed to start bowling and picking up 5 of the last six ends, our hopes of points were dashed, we ended 15-23 behind.

Our struggle to stay in the first division continues, all is not lost, and some good results over the next few weeks may get us over the line?