Match Reports 14th July 2023; Various

Shortened reports this week

Wednesday 12th Glos Cup v Bristol St Andrews won 48-43

Jim’s rink with Will, Trev and Pete 11-20

RKJ with Calvin, Mike and Mark 15-10

Josh with Larry, Ricmac and Gerry 22-13

Thanks to Pete Jones and Ric for being reserves and then being pulled into play.

And thanks to Mike White for turning up as ” spare reserve”.

Next round Wednesday 26th July 6pm Home v Kingswood and Hanham.

Thursday 13th July:

A double header against Bradley Stoke, unfortunately we could only manage one team win.

North East League Aaway v Bradley Stoke

Mike Roth’s with Jake, Ric and Alan 11-14 (a good fight back towards end).

Dave Edwards with Ian, Colin and Mike 14-23 (a bit of a struggle).

Kev French with Wendy, Derek and Pete 15-22 (a bit of a struggle).

B&D League Home v Bradley Stoke Won 59-31: 8 points

Jim with Will, Trev and Phil 26-7

Josh with Larry, Vince and Gerry 12-19

RKJ with Calvin, Mike and Mark 21-5

A shame to win by a large margin and only get 8 points, but another win and still going in the right direction, but we need to keep pushing forward to the finish line.

On other matters it should be noted that our “brave little soldier” Andy Gadd had to drop out of these games due to a (severe?) chest infection, but Will Carter who had a chest which had been run over by a car ,still played……. I’ll let you make up your own minds as to whose the toughy!

Editor’s Note: It was my wife who said that if I went to play bowls in the state I was in then I would be stupid – now I know that many of you believe I am stupid but I am not stupid enough to go against Juliet 🙂

And finally, to those who missed it last Sunday morning Andy and Jim won their senior pairs game and qualified for the Bowls England National Finals at Leamington having already qualified in the “normal pairs” for the second year running. Now I am no expert (editor put that bit in) but I would suggest this is a remarkable achievement, which I would think may take many years ,if ever, to be repeated ,from any Bowls England/Gloucestershire entrants. Very well played gentlemen.