Match Report: Two Rink 30/06/24

The following report was written by Andy Gadd:

Having won this competition in two of the last three years and being the current defending Champions the pressure was certainly on in this game and with some of our “star” players unable to play this only added to the pressure.

On Larry’s rink with Mark Dixon, Jake and Keith at three they were playing well but unfortunately dropped a five on end 11 to go 11-16 down. A dropped four on end 14 only added to the deficit but they immediately bounced back picking up a three and they went into the 17th end 15-23 adrift. They played the game in a very sensible way appreciating that it is the overall score that is crucial.

Meanwhile on what Kevin French has previously styled the “steady eddie” rink Andy, Bruce (subbing for Trevor) Will and Jim were never behind after picking up a six on the second end and went into the 17th end 20-11 up.

The mathematicians among you will therefore have worked out that at this stage we were in fact only 1 up on the game overall and I for one was, to say the least, a little nervous.

Both rinks however rose to the occasion with Larry’s rink winning the last two ends with a 1 and a 2 to finish 18-23.

As Jim’s rink picked up a 1 on their 17th end this meant we were 5 up as we played the last end.

Some good bowling by Jim put two woods into the head to cut a possible count down and we dropped a 2 to win overall by 3. 👏

These are the games that test us as a team/squad and I am very pleased that we came through this test with flying colours.

I would like to mention the Frampton guys who played the game in a great spirit and to the ladies in the kitchen who provided bacon rolls on arrival.

Finally thanks to Calvin and Karen for making the journey to cheer us on.