Match Report: Top Club v Olveston (A)

LOST 0-5

All a bit of a damp squib really, when you play a club as strong as Olveston you have to be on top form and hope perhaps your opponents ,slightly below, to have a good chance – not negative ,just a realistic assessment.

Andy started in the 2 wood and was pipped on the final end to beĀ  one down.

In the pairs with Calvin and Steve, unfortunately we had to concede this game, due to a back injury to Steve.

With 2 disciplines lost and with RKJ rink, with Trev and Larry slipping behind, and although with us bowling well but with Chris Blake, I thought a friend of ours?, put his woods right on the jack, not very friendly!, Jack Drysdale and Paul Bryant (Olveston’s Skip) clearly having a fantastic game the whole game looked dead, and we conceded at 14 ends.

On Gerry’s rink with Will, Mike and Kev always matching opponents, but conceded at one behind with 4 ends to go.

Jim Russell, in the singles playing Ian Gauld, both players very sportingly started to play, and whilst Ian gained an early advantage, who knows what might have been had the game hinged on this, however they shook hands early and retired to clubhouse for a second pint.

A useful little run in this comp – always next year.

Editor’s Apology:

In the Match Report dated 14/07/22 “Redland v Yate (A)” I made a reference to John Smallwood of Olveston. It has been pointed out to me that this was very poor judgement on my part and I can only sincerely apologise to John and say that in light of this poor judgement by me I feel it is only right that I stand down as Editor of these Match reports which I do with immediate effect. Andy Gadd.