Match Report: Redland v GB Britton BC 23/06/22 (A)

LOST: 32-58 1 Point

Tonight GB’s extracted revenge for their defeat on Tuesday in the Glos Cup……

With a rink losing by a large amount it’s very difficult to win a game (Editor’s Note: another of the Captain’s truisms!), although we were hoping for a few more points from this game.

On Kev’s rink with Trev, Vince and Roger Plant it was kept tight until end 7, being only 5 behind, unfortunately your Captain was not  quite so brilliant tonight as he was on Tuesday. 🙂 (I knew my comments in Tuesday’s report would come back to haunt me!) and whilst nobody on the rink bowled badly, the opposition were constantly better and losing 10 ends on the trot this rink ended 5-28 down.

On Jim’s rink with Steve, Nigel and Andy being in front at end 12, it looked like we might get 2 points, but whilst we’ve got used to this rink winning and the boys having success individually, in bowls nothing is guaranteed and we dropped the last 3 ends, with GB’s skip bowling some great woods and we finished 13-16 behind. (Editor’s Note: In the game Gareth, the GB’s Skip bowled what is the best bowl I have ever seen in my 15 years of bowling, brilliant and must be applauded/recognised…..)

On Calvin’s rink with Will, Pete Jones (having his B&D debut and having an excellent game) and Larry, they traded shots for most of the game and we went into the last end 1 up but we dropped a shot and the rink was tied 14 all.

A disappointing overall outcome and halfway through the season I would have preferred us to be further up the table, but we enter the second half with all to play for.

PS: On a more positive note congratulations to the north east league boys who stayed top of division 2 with their result last night against K&H who are second – well done.