Match Report: Redland v Bristol (H) 21/07/22

LOST: Redland 38 Bristol 57 0 points

Disappointing to get no points from this match, at one point 2 looked on the cards but it was not to be.

On Gerry’s rink with Larry, Vince and Kev started very poorly and went 16-2 down, and it looked like a disaster was on the cards, however picking up 9 over three consecutive ends got back to being 17-13 down and holding 5 it looked as though there was a chance, Bristol’s skip (Dave Churchill) managed to get in to cut the count down to only one, the last end was lost and we ended 14-18 behind.

On Jim’s rink with Steve, Nigel and Andy were never far behind but couldn’t catch up and finished 9-16 down.

On Roger’s rink they went away very strongly to be 11-8 up and we were hoping for a possible 2 points at least, but Bristol seemed to start bowling and picking up 5 of the last six ends, our hopes of points were dashed, we ended 15-23 behind.

Our struggle to stay in the first division continues, all is not lost, and some good results over the next few weeks may get us over the line?