Match Report: Redland Green v Olveston (H) 28/04/22

Lost: 22-71 Nil Points

First apologies for the lateness in publishing this report – we have a new website/editing system and we are all getting used to it.

Anyway, another season, another match report, first game of the season against Olveston is not the easiest start and  with a number of our ” star”? players missing this proved to be the case.

They’re always a likeable crew from Olveston, but we didn’t like them so much at the end!

On RKJ’s rink with Trev, Nigel and Will, getting in front at 7 ends, but then going behind on the next 8 ended 7-32 down.

On Kev’s rink with Vince, Gerry and Marek, a similar good start couldn’t be capitalised on and losing 7 ends on the trot drifted to 8-23 behind.

On Larry’s rink with Calvin, Keith Conway and Andy we were always adrift and finished 7-16 down.

We sometimes get a couple of points off Olveston, but this time it was not to be as they were simply too strong on this occasion.

We move onto Knowle Away next week and can only hope for a better outcome.