Match Report: NE League Division 2 – 16/05/24

The following report was written by Pete Jones:

Despite the forecast, we enjoyed a dry evening down the road.

On Wendy’s rink, with Mike W, Barry and Phil, Arrow took an early lead, 9-2 after 6 ends. We pulled back, but despite a 4 on the 15th which brought the scores much closer, they won 17-13. There was more than one end where we had a reasonable shot lead, only for a single wood to negate all that effort. Bowls, heh! 😉

On Ian’s rink, with Dave Hinksman, making a solid start to his Redland league career, Rick and Pete, we were 7-1 after 4 ends, when unfortunately their skip, Charlie, had to retire with knee problems-apparently he rode home to put his knee back together himself! That probably had an effect on the rest of the contest, but nevertheless all 4 of us contributed to secure a 28-4.5 victory (Arrow captain was happy about the 25% penalty, but it would not have changed the situation greatly if they had retained their 6).

However, the most interesting rink was Nicky’s, with Mark, Martin and Vince. We were 11-3 down after 6 ends, 13-12 up after 11, 18-17 down after 16, but finally secured a 20-18 win, and so the 8-2 victory! I didn’t see the last few woods, but I think that Nicky did a great job.  

Thanks to everyone last night; still top of the division albeit only on shot difference .

St Andrew’s at home next Thursday…