Match Report: NE League Division 2: 06/06/24

The following report was written by Pete Jones:

This was a top of the table clash!! And a sunny evening!

On Nigel’s rink, with Mike W, Barry, and Nick, it was definitely them/us, us/them, them/us, before securing a 14-14 draw.

 On Ian’s rink, with Phil, Alan and Pete, we were 16-5 down after 12 ends, but a 7 on the 15th brought us right back into contention, and we were disappointed not to have won on the last end. However, a 17-17 draw was probably a fair reflection.

On Jake’s rink, with Dave H, Wendy and Vince, all was fairly even after the first 8, but then they pushed on to 16-8, and although we pulled back a little, it ended as a 13-19 loss.

(This is my last report for a couple of weeks, as we have a week booked in Italy on the 18th.)