Match report: NE Division 2: 05/07/14

The following report was written by Pete Jones:

A great shame to have missed a 10-0 (see below), but still top of the league after 11.

On Dave’s rink, with Phil, Dave E and Jon, we built up a very solid lead, 10-1 after 8, but that became 10-8 after 11. The next few ends proved crucial in securing a dominant lead, eventually winning 18-12.

On Nick’s rink, with Mark, Rick and Pete, we raced to a (surely winning!) 18-5 lead after 10 ends, but then somehow? capitulated, and managed to snatch a draw from the jaws of victory. Has that been used in the Euros yet? 18-18

On Nigel’s rink, with Mike W, Bruce and Vince, the first 5 ends were not promising (0-8)…

But we brought it back to level at 10-10 after13. Some great bowling, especially from Nigel on the last end, ensured the win: 14-12.

Again, thanks to all who played and looked after us in the clubhouse.