Match Report: NE Bristol League Division 2 – Thurs 25th April 2024

Editors Note: The following report was prepared by the NE Captain, Pete Jones:

Our first NE league match (back in division 2!) was home against BAC.

With Wendy were Mike White, Rick and Ian and from an opening 2 ends which gave us a 6-0 lead, we never looked in any real danger. A five on the 14th end put an end to any possible doubt. The final score on this rink was 20-11.

With Keith Conway were Alan, Jake and Nigel who always seemed in control, even though we were pegged back a couple of times. However, a 4 and 2 on the 10th and 11th ends secured a victory which was increased due to BAC playing with one short. The final adjusted score was 19-8.

With Dave Edwards were Mark Dixon, making an impressive league debut, Dave Sunter (welcome back Dave!) and Pete. This was always close with neither side really getting a grip on the game until the penultimate end when BAC scored a 3 to go 3 up. We were holding 4 on the last end until their skip cut it down to 2 so the final score was 11-12.

We were happy with 8 points to start the season and look forward to further success.