Match Report: N.E. Cup 28/05/24

The following report was written by Pete Jones:

Last year we played St Andrew’s 3 times in a week at their place; this year twice in 5 days at ours. We are obviously destined to have these intimate moments!

Although the rain had cleared earlier in the afternoon, by 6.00 there was a steady drizzle.

On Mike Ingham’s rink, with Mike W, Phil and Nick, the game was quite tight for the first 9 ends, but then 6 shots in the next 4 assured the victory as St Andrew’s conceded due to the overall score on all 3 rinks. Final score 15-12 after 15.

On Ian’s rink, with Rick, Pete and Jake, we seemed to be in total control having only lost 2 shots after 10 ends, but then a 5 and a 3 on the next 2 brought them right back into contention. 5 shots over the next 3 seemed to have secured victory, but we nearly snatched defeat from the jaws of victory conceding 5 on the last 2. Final score 16-15.

On Wendy’s rink, with Dave H, Dave S and Nigel, we built up a very steady and commanding lead, not conceding a shot until the 8th end. Losing 2 shots in 3 ends seemed totally against the run of play, but then normal service was resumed and again they conceded the rink after 16 ends due to the overall score. Final score 29-2.

Well done all.

Next round will be at home to Kingswood and Hanham ‘A’ on Tuesday June 18th.