Match Report: Clarence Davy Semi Final v Bristol St Andrew’s 29/07/22


After our problematical Clarence campaign, we were in the semis, and whilst perhaps not having our total full strength team, with our north east players and our new guys playing the way they are I was never in any doubt that this was a game we could win, and we were so close to doing so.

On Jim’s rink with Mike Ingham, Trev and Keith powered into a 23 – 3 lead, conceding only 5 ends, but unfortunately 2 of these were towards the end, which was a pattern developing over the other Redland rinks, they ended 24 – 9 up, You can’t do anymore than that, and you give the team a real chance.

Across the green I think we all realised that you can’t be lulled into false sense of security by a rink steaming ahead.

On Steve’s rink with Mike Roth, Dave Edwards and Vince, this was a game of two halves winning 8 out of the first 13, then dropping away in the second half finished 12 – 28 (not a proper reflection of score, as 7 shots conceded on last 2 ends, endeavouring to go for extra shots).

On Calvin’s rink with Kev, Dave Sunter and Roger Plant went behind early on to be 5 – 13 behind, but kept plugging away to be only 2 down at 15, but following the Redland trend lost 4 of the last 5 to end 15 – 23 down.

On RKJ’s rink with Will, Nigel and Nick were behind early on won 5 ends in the middle and were only 2 down at 18 ends, again the Redland curse struck and we couldn’t quite get in front to be 15 – 19 down.

Starting end 18 we were actually 2 up overall, but your could feel the tide turning, and we were outplayed over the closing stages and the match was lost.

Not a good week for Redland, but I see a good number of our new guys with all the “makings of being really good bowlers”, so I’m very optimistic for the future.

Thanks to Marek, Phil and Ian Johnson for being on standby as reserves.