Match Report: Clarence Davy Cup 01/07/24

The following report was written by Kevin French:

A good solid win against what can often be tricky opposition and on an often tricky green (although to Avonvale’s credit they have made great progress in improving the playing surface this year).

With our “beloved leader”, Calvin, not playing and having the time to watch everybody’s performance there was no hiding place for a bad bowl – it was all noted!

Editor’s Note: Including a wrong bias by an un-named Redland player?

On Josh’s rink with Mark P, Jake and Kev powered ahead to 14 2 up, had a mid game “wobble” to be only 3 in front, then pushed on again to end 22 14.

PS. Josh confessed to bowling two “unforgivable” poor woods – don’t worry Josh, we forgive you!

On Larry’s rink with Mike I, Ian and Phil, were always close and from being 2 down at 11 ends won 7 out of the last 9 to finish 20 13.

On “Eddies” rink with Jim, Will, Trev and Andy were always in front until tied on end 10, then winning 7 out of the next 9 ran out 23 12 up.

On Keith’s rink with Nigel, Vince and Roger, once again proving his versatility in leading powered ahead to be 14 3 up, a 5 conceded evened things up slightly, but was taken in our stride and regrouped to end 21 14 in front.

As I said a good solid win, next round home to either St Anne’s Park or GB Brittons.

N.B I was taken to task by some of our newer members for my concern/worry/panic? about the game when we were some way in front – remember chaps having played for Redland for many years I’ve been in / watched some of the stupid games where we have snatched defeat from victory! Although to be fair over the last number of years we seemed to have put that sort of thing  behind us 

And let’s keep up our winning ways for the League this Thursday both City & County and North East 👍