Match Report: Clarence Davey Redland v Bradley Stoke (A)

Won 89-47

Thanks to Wendy and Linda for their support.

Thanks to our reserves who were on standby, Marek was our morning sub, and was stood down at 12noon, Derek who was our afternoon sub and was stood down at 4.00, and Alan Taylor who was our last minute reserve, stood down at 5.45, all this may seem irrelevant but I don’t think people appreciate the amount of stress having reserves takes off Kev and Calvin, after all who wants to ruin 31 players night, because someone can’t make it. Thanks to those 3 once again.

Onto the game, on a testing green, and having a rain shower early on, and coming off the back of a good win on Tuesday.

It would have been easy to lose some focus, however this proved not to be and a solid win was achieved.

On Gerry’s rink with Mike Ingham, Dave Edwards and Andy Gadd (this rink taking their turn to suffer Andy-sorry chaps) went into an early lead to go 9-3 up, but then winning an incredible 12 ends on the trot ran out 30-3 winners, with a margin like that the game is halfway won.

On Calvin’s rink with Larry, Dave Sunter and Roger Plant were always just in front and whilst slipping slightly towards the end finished 17- 15 up.

On Roger’s rink with Will, Trev and Nick, were fairly level for most of the way and picking up a six, went in front at end 13 didn’t quite manage to stay there, ending 19-21 but with the lead we had on other rinks one or two up or down doesn’t make much difference.

On Jim’s rink with Steve, Vince and Kev, being pleased to have a rest from Andy were not quite as pleased with Kev’s woods, but it’s always a team game and  being behind only once, pushed ahead to win 23-12.

A good solid win and onto the semi final next Friday.

P.s Kev announced at the start he was applying to join Bradley Stoke, as there is a kebab van parked in the near vicinity of the clubhouse, and it seemed perfect to him, after his bowling the team said that as his woods were not in the vicinity of the jack, they would be quite happy to see him go!