Match Report: Bristol & District League Division 1 – Thurs 2nd May 2024

The following report was written by Kevin French:

See what can happen when you get rid of a “dead wood” Captain and 2 dynamic new selectors take over!

A cracking win against an always competitive GBs, and over the course of the game the ebbs and flows put us on for 2 points, or a possible 4, 6 or 8 points…..

On RKJ’s rink with Larry, Calvin and Jon they were always just in front until end 15 when conceding a 4 which meant they went into the last end 2 down. With good bowling from the front end we were holding 2 and with a brilliant last wood from Roger, to draw within a foot, gave us 3 shots and a 14-13 win. Well played gentlemen.

On Jim’s rink with Will Trevor and Andy they never seemed to “get in the swing” and at 4-14 down it looked like they were potentially heading for a strong defeat, however the final outcome hinged on 3 consecutive ends. We picked up a 4, dropped a 5 then regained the 5 and getting ones on the last 2 ends kept the deficit down to a manageable 7 to end 15-22 adrift.

Over on Josh’s rink with Mark, Kev and Phil, apart from the first end they were always in front and whilst losing more ends than winning two lots of 4s and one 3 made all the difference and finished 21-12.

It’s time for my first “old chestnut” of the year, if you only drop 1’s and 2’s you’re not going to lose many games!

Good to see us at the top of Division 1 – even if it is only after 2 games.

On to an overnight trek to Weston Bath next week.

Editors Note: I just want to acknowledge that at the beginning of the season I said to a couple of people that I thought that Severnvale might struggle in Division 1. You can therefore imagine my surprise when it was reported that they beat Olveston Ospreys last night. It just goes to show what a funny old game bowls can be sometimes and you should never underestimate a team or player……….