Match Report: Bristol & District League Division 1 – 16/05/24

The following report was written by Kevin French:

Four wins on the trot sees us still riding high at the top of the league.

Similar to last week  it looked like the match had been won fairly early on, with 2 rinks building a useful cushion, it was just whether we could get the full 10 points?

On Josh’s rink with Mark, Keith and Kev, started really well to go 10-1 up, the opposition came back, but with us picking up those 1’s and 2’s over a number of ends saw this finish 24-15.

This rink would have finished earlier had Mark not invented a new measuring system which seemed to involve measuring every wood on the green! We will let him off as he had a great game. 🙂

On RKJ’s rink with Mike, Calvin and Jon were 14-4 up at 9 ends, then winning 6 out of the last 8 ends (only 1’s each end-but they all add up) and ended 20-6 in front.

I’m informed that everybody played well on this rink, when somebody didn’t do it someone else stepped in, exactly what you need to win games.

On Jim’s rink with Will, Andy and Nigel at 2 (standing in for Trev, who’s having trouble with his water works. Not personal ones I add but his house water tank but with that fixed now has a leak from his chimney, our best wishes for a speedy recovery; the house that is -not Trev). Sorry I’m rambling – back to the game which didn’t start well going 6 nil down, but this rink always has the capacity to come back and winning 12 out of the last 14 ends(those 1 ‘s and 2 ‘s again) finished 17-10 up for the full 10 points.

Olveston away next week- promises to be interesting.

P.S. The night ended with Calvin driving home having announced that one of the Severn Vale players had left their jacket, and he would take it over in the morning.

Kev then  discovered it was his jacket that Calvin had removed.

In the pockets were a packet of fags, car keys with number on and about 8 or 9 loose bank/loyalty cards with the name Kevin French on them.

Calvin it didn’t need Columbo to work out who it belonged to!

But thanks for driving back, I love Redland dearly, but didn’t fancy spending the night there.