Match Report: Bristol & District Division 1 06/06/24

The following report was written by Kevin French:

We welcomed our old friends from Bristol Bowls Club to Redland, but unfortunately they weren’t very friendly by then beating us.

And with Willmott Park winning last night we slip down to second place in the table (although other teams have a game in hand) and our “rest week” follows our game against Willmott next week.

Losing to Bristol is no great shame, they remain a very strong club and picking up 3 points is useful in our quest to be towards (top?) of Division 1.

On Jim’s rink with Will, Trev and Andy, once again this “steady Eddy” rink did what they had to do and put 2 points in the bag for us. Dropping a 5 on end 9 we went behind, but as so very often they then focused on a steady comeback, winning 6 out of the last 8 ends to finish 17-14 in front.

You know, for the rest of the team looking across, its very confidence building to look at this rink and think “yes they’re going to win” and this is what this unit seems to achieve week in week out.

On Josh’s rink with Mark, Keith and Kev this “competent unit” (referred to last week) wasn’t very competent tonight!

With Jason Ovens (a past club member) not being very nice to his old team and having a game at Lead which he described as being his best for years, we were always chasing the game in what became a frustrating evening and dropping a 6 on end 16 (chasing shots) didn’t help with the final score 6-28.

To the rink and all the team generally – these games happen, it doesn’t mean you’ve suddenly become bad bowlers, you put it behind you and come out strong next time.

Over on RKJ’s rink with Mike I, Calvin and Jon didn’t have the best of starts conceding a 5 on end 2 but (and another of my “pearls of wisdom “- coming up,) if you’re going to drop a count do it early on in the game to give a chance of recovering.

And this is what happened, we drew level at 13 ends then traded singles over the last 4 to gain a hard fought draw: 13-13.

Away to Willmott Park next week for a top of the table clash, a win will put us back in pole position in the League.