Match Report B&D League: Redland v Page Park (H) 04/08/22

Won: 47-46 6 points

A fascinating game which just saw us win to gain a very useful 6 points.

On Gerry’s rink with Kev, Vince and Andy started off really well to get a 5 on the first end, but couldn’t push home this initial advantage and went behind, but a class wood from Gerry to pull the jack into the ditch to gain a 2 on the last end, which would prove to be very important.

(Ps Page Park’s lead was a new bowler and he had the good luck to have Andy giving him his total bowls knowledge from end one and continuing over drinks at the end, Andy’s advice may have been very useful but the Page lead did leave Redland with a glazed look on his face!)

On Jim’s rink with Calvin, Trev and league debutant Ian Johnson started well but went behind at 10 ends, and this went on, but winning the last 2 including a 4 on the last end finished 14-17 down, but that 4 was important.

On RKJ’s rink with Will, Nigel and Roger were always in front, but could they get far enough in front to counteract the other 2 rinks?

So at end 15 we were 6 down overall, but that 2 from Gerry and the 4 from Jim meant we entered the last end all square, all to play for!

Rog Plant bowled a “dapper” and things looked good however this was taken off and after more woods we were 3 down with Rog Jones left to bowl, and what a cracker it was, a foot off the jack and shot, the opposition skip couldn’t change anything and Rog didn’t have to bowl his last wood, we had sneaked a overall win by one.

It’s not all over, still in with a good chance of remaining in the first division.