Match Report: B&D League Division 2: Redland v Ardagh at Home

Won 72-35: 8 points

It’s a little disappointing to win by such a large margin and only get 8 points, but another win and extra points to add to the “cushion” we have in front of our rivals in Division 2.

On RKJ’s rink with Calvin, Mike Ingham and Mark (the prospective new special one?) and with Roger giving his players a “pep talk” before the game, this didn’t seem to put them off and they stormed ahead and winning 7 ends on the trot finished 26-7 in front.

Editor’s Note: I was asked by one of the members of this team to make special mention of Mike Ingham who apparently had a great game – well played Mike.

On Jim’s rink with Will, Trev and Andy again powered ahead to win 30-11.

With the game clearly won it was just a question of whether we could get the full 10 points and on Josh’s rink with Larry, Kev and Phil Bunker, the “class players” didn’t seem so classy tonight! Picking up a 5 on the first end they started well, but then dropped a 6, ultimately going into the last end one up. After much discussion as to whether we had shot or were 2 down things were too close for comfort. With his first wood however the opposition skip definitely drew the shot and after all woods had been bowled it was down to a measure for second and unfortunately we were shaded by a couple of millimetres to lose 16-17.

However, overall another win, another one ticked off.

With three games left we are close to gaining promotion but this is not the time to stop pushing. It is worth highlighting that for our game with Knowle we will not have Andy or Jim who will be at Leamington, so lets get as many points as possible next week at Victoria Park.