Match Report: B&D Division 1: 04/07/24

The following report was written by Kevin French:

Unfortunately we could not carry on our winning ways, we perhaps should have performed better against a slightly understrength GB’s team, however GB’s are always fully competitive and clearly had the better of us tonight.

On Josh’s rink with Mark, Keith and Kev, behind early on, won 7 ends on the trot and then proceeded to lose the next 6, clearly a game of two halves with final  result  15-21

On Jim’s rink with Will, Trev and Andy, also went behind early on, tried to stage a comeback towards the second half, but just couldn’t pull off thieir usual strong finish and also ended 6 shots adrift to end 13-19.

On RKJ’s rink (with Roger having played at lead earlier in the week and now at skip proving he’s a competent bowler in any position) Mike, Jake and Larry another rink not to start well came back to be in front for 2 ends, slipped slightly and went to into the last end needing 3 to win, we were holding 2 and Rog made a sterling effort with his last wood but just couldn’t sneak the extra shot and we ended all square 17-17 

P.S. Happy holiday wishes to Mark and Keith- leaving the rest of us working hard at the “bowls coalface” and me to put up with Josh on my own!

Onto next game home to Weston Bath.

Editor’s Note: We may well rue this defeat as Willmott Park lost 10-0 at Page Park. We therefore currently remain top of the Division but as our “rest week” doesn’t come to the end of the season we have, in effect, played one more game than our chasing pack of Bristol, Willmott and Olveston.