Match Report 26.06.23: Glos Cup, Kingswood & Hanham; Home

Won 57-38

After some debate as to whether the game should go ahead and discussion about if we should reduce the amount of ends played, we actually got through a full game without getting too wet….

Early on we made hard work of this game, 12 down across the board at 7 ends, this is the stage in any game where dropping a couple of counts can rapidly start to put the game out of reach.

On Jim’s rink with Will, Trev and Andy, 9 adrift at end 11 then started the fight back, winning 6 ends on the trot finishing 17 14 ahead – the ability of this rink to come back from a poor start is not to be underestimated!

Editor’s Note: I do realise that it looks like we had a poor start but, as Jim said at the time, we could not believe that we were 11-2 down. We were not playing badly it was just that the opposition were bowling very well. We knew however that we just had to keep grinding it out and hoping that the opposition form fell, which it did in the second half.

On RKJ’s rink with Calvin, Mike Ingham and Phil, we were 2-13 down but winning 7 out of the last 10 ends ended only 4 behind 12-16.

The deficit on 2 rinks throughout the game was however almost counteracted on Josh’s rink with Larry, Kev and Gerry, who were always in front and scoring 21 shots over 6 ends. (This shows what you can do with 4 class players on the rink!). This rink finished 28-8.

Editor’s Note: I think a better description might be, three class players and the current Club Champion? 🙂

Another win, well done.

Next game is the “regional final” or more accurately the county quarter final on Wednesday 2nd August v Olveston at Page Park (neutral green).

Thanks to Bruce for being on afternoon standby, Jon for turning up as “travelling reserve” and Dave for his support on the night.

On now to Ardagh at home tomorrow in the League and our continuing campaign to get back into the First Division. Fingers Crossed.