Match Report: 18.05.23

B&D League Division 2 v Severn Vale (Home)

Won: 65-40 8 points

Another interesting game with our 4th win on the trot. Things are going in the right direction with our return to Division 1 campaign.

On RKJ’s rink with Calvin, Larry and Andy following their resounding win last week unfortunately the tables were reversed, going a very unexpected 1-18 down, managed to regroup and picking up a 6 finished 12-20 behind.

(Editors Note: (Yes I am back!). I think it is important for full disclosure to say three things. First as Roger quite rightly said at the end of the game with all four players on this rink playing well last week this week none of them played well. Second there was a lot of muttering from both sides about “lines” and “tracking” on the rink but the fact is that the Severn Vale boys found it better than the Redland boys and that is the name of the game on the night. Finally with reference to the 6 it would be wrong to say that Redland gained a 6. It was more a case of the Severn Vale skip, very unluckily, flicking the jack a couple of yards over to a group of Redland bowls with his final bowl when holding 1. All in all the report for this rink should read – must do better next time……. )

On Josh’s rink with Kev, Nigel and Gerry (Nigel and Gerry both having excellent games) went 11-1 up after 4 ends, so the hope was that this rink could keep pushing ahead to counteract the other. The “plan” was almost derailed when on end 5 we were 7 down, but Josh bowled a great wood to get second (as Jim Russell has often said sometimes a skip only has to bowl just one crucial wood in a game to make a huge difference), although Josh did bowl a few more good ones! and this rink ended 27-9 up.

On Jim’s rink, with Will, Mike and Vince and Jim suffering from a bad back, but “dosed up” on various medications from the team doctor, managed to struggle on and whilst dropping a 6 early on managed to win 8 consecutive ends to finish 26-11 winners

Another good win and a very welcome 8 points – we must however continue to push on.

Finally it was nice to see our old friends, Steve Ford, watching on / helping the bar profits and Stuart Mole joining us for an after match pint following his 4th Division game at Arrow (more bar profits!).