Match Report: 11.05.23

B&D League Division 2 v Bradley Stoke (Away)

Won 60-34 9 points

An interesting night where once again the game was probably won early on so it was just a question of whether we could squeeze maximum points again?

On RKJ’s rink with Calvin, Larry and the “Special One” back from his travels to Madrid, with it also being Calvin’s Birthday it seemed like a party atmosphere as Redland won 7 ends out of the first 8: went 19-1 up, conceding 5 (perhaps a slight dip in concentration?) but then again powered ahead to win very convincingly 33-9. This really meant that 6 points were “in the bag”. Well done.

With Josh’s crew of Kev, Nigel and Gerry it was, to be frank, a struggle but with Josh bowling some crucial woods to save the day, it was always close but Redland were never in front until end 16, where a welcome 6 was scored to go 16-13 up. Redland then kept the last end tight to win 16-14 and another 2 points in the bag. At the end Kev was heard to say “Sorry Josh, I only bowled 2 good woods all night”, to which Josh’s reply was, “I didn’t think it was that many”- he really is fitting in very well at Redland already!

On to the last 2 points and Jim’s rink with Will, Mike and Vince. There were never more than 1 or 2 shots picked up or conceded for most of the match so it was very close. Picking up a 2 on ends 15 and 16 Redland went into the final end 2 up but with Redland holding 2 shots the opposition skip pulled the jack back to score 2 and it was a draw. Slightly disappointing but from where we were a useful result/point (you never know how those odd points might matter at the end of the season.)

Overall not so convincing this week, but another win and 9 points means 29 points out of a possible 30 gets an A+ for the first three League games in Division 2. We just have to make sure we keep this up throughout the Season and get promoted back to Division 1.