Match Report 10.05.23: Top Club v GB Briton

Lost 2-3

It’s generally a truism that in the Top Club format if you win the two singles comps you will probably win the overall match.

Unfortunately the truism was incorrect this time.

Please excuse the lack of details in this report as I didn’t get the cards for the game.

Starting with the 2 wood things did not look good as Andy went 2-12 down. He however dug in and managed to win the game with a 2 on the last end to finish 15-13.

In the triples were Jim, Kev and Vince (triples was meant to be with Will, but to play triples you need 3 woods – Will please note!) and it’s now clear that in the future Will has become a fully paid up member of the “Always Carry Four Woods” bowls mantra.

The pairs were with Calvin and Larry.

The fours with RKJ, Will (2 woods were enough for this discipline), Mike and Gerry.

Unfortunately all of these games didn’t start very well and it seemed to continue….. 

After Andy’s win Josh played his 4 wood singles and progressed to a very good win again Gareth Hall.

Two wins in the bag so ,just another needed, but in the fours and pairs these games were out of reach, although in the triples a fight back led to being only 14-16 down at 16 ends, so the match was back “in play”. Sadly however we couldn’t quite finish it off and ended 14-19 down.

Just to add that with not much help from his front end for much of the game Jim played some brilliant woods to keep us in the game and I know I’m biased. ,but surely he must be one of the best players in the Bristol area?

Over the last few years we seem to have a mixed bag of results against GB’s, but this time it was not to be – all we can do is wish them good luck in future rounds of this competition.

A big thank you to Trev for turning up as reserve, as I’ve said before it takes a lot of pressure off the Captain to know if there are any problems there is somebody on standby.

Anyway back to our main campaign this Season – getting promotion back to Division 1 of the City & County.