Match Report: 04.05.23

B&D League Division 2 v Imperial (Home)

Won 77-23 10 Points

Another good win in our 2023 campaign to gain promotion back to Division 1.

On Jim’s rink with Will, Mike and Vince (standing in for Andy who had the temerity to go to Madrid with his wife for a short break in the bowls season) being 32-0 up at end 14, it looked like Redland history could be in the making (I’ve never seen /heard of a rink winning to nil, but it was not to be as the opponents picked up a 2 on end 15, but we only conceded one end to finish 36-2. A great result.

On Josh’s rink with Kev, Nigel and Gerry the first 2 ends were dropped, but picking up a 6 on end 4, they then went on to finish 28-10.

In reality the overall game (4 points) was won from end 10 and the main interest was whether we could get all 10 points (2 points per rink).

On Roger’s rink with Calvin, Larry and Jon, it was a bit of a struggle early on going 3-10 down, but plugging away won the final 6 ends out of 7 to pip the opponents 13-11. And a very welcome second week of maximum points.

Well done everybody, on to Bradley Stoke next week.

Finally all the best to Andy in his Middleton Cup trial this Saturday, along with something else happening on Saturday we hope Andy is “crowned” as one of the best leads in Gloucestershire! (And based on this week’s results his pace in the B&D League Team is also on the line so no pressure……)