Lloyd Trophy 18.07.23: Away Olveston

LOST (Conceded at 16 ends)

A disappointing result considering Olveston were missing a number of their usual “first team” players. Although a club as strong as Olveston have many excellent players to draft into teams.

Will commented that the game and Redland seemed a “bit flat”, can’t quite put my finger on it, but I know what he means.

Editor’s Note: Will certainly tried his best to add some excitement to his rink bowling a few “heavy’ woods into the head in the style of Steve Ford! 🙂

A lot of players have played a lot of games recently, perhaps it’s hard to “get up” for every game?

Anyway, time to re- group and continue to focus on our, so far, successful B&D and North East League campaigns.

A big thank you to Dave Edwards who turned up as reserve ,and supported us throughout the game.

For record

Josh, Kev, Larry, Gerry 5-21

Rog, Calvin, Mike, Mark 11-18

Jim, will, Trev, Andy  13-17 (dropping a 4 on end 16)


News has just reached me of a win in the Portishead Ladies Triples today (18th) by Wendy, Gill and Sue Whale (Bristol St Andrew’s). A great win against some tough opposition, very well played.