LL Match report week 8 (22nd  June 2022) Home to City and Port  (8 points )

Lin’s  rink with Nina and Dot tripling, seemed to be in charge for the whole game,  picking up a 6 on the 9th end helped,  finishing 21-8  , losing 25% of the score bringing the result to 15.75 – 8

Karen’s rink with Liz, and Wanda also tripling  played a tight game leading by the 5th end and not jeopardising that lead , the opposition were also tripling so the score 17-10 reduce by 25% for both teams 12.75 – 7.5

Well done Wanda for playing your second ever match as a league game !! Greatly appreciated without you we would have had to give the game which would have meant instead of gaining 8 points we would have lost 10 points  

Two winning rinks and and the overall win , giving us all 8 points .