LL@ home to Kingswood and Hanham 23 rd August Week 18  :- 8 points

Ended on a high , we are 5th on the table , and should end the season mid table. This was always going to be close , statistically we had both won 9 lost 5 and drawn 1 , they are 4th we are 5th

Wendy’s rink with Nina, Jessie and Gill were in command from the get go , winning 20-12

Karen’s rink with Wanda , Liz and Carol settled into their stride and stayed on top of their game all the way.

We played the last two ends in twilight , genuinely unable to see the head from the mat , although variously comments such as “ I think I should always play blindfolded “ and “who needs to see what they are aiming at anyway ?“  were heard, we couldn’t tell who was speaking.

Thank you to Dot and Colette for coming along to cheer us on and to all who were there to support us.