LL 12th May RGBC v Henleaze B just 2 points

Second  match of the season , at home to Henleaze B.

Lin’s rink with Gill, and Nina tripling, hit [unlucky?] 13 at the 3rd end before Henleaze got on the board ! By the 8th end 19-4 , Henleaze started to fight back and picked up 1 each end ‘til the 11th ending 24-10.

Wendy’s rink with Liz, Carol and Lyn (borrowed from Arrow) started and finished badly , and floundered in the middle . We just couldn’t seem to get going, and finished 7-21 .

31-31 in the end but with the 25% penalty on the winning rink 25-31 went on the scoresheet, and only 2 points