CUP & League Fixtures B&D 2023

League and Cup fixtures
DateDay/Wk TimeOppositionRksPoints
27-AprThu6p.m.B & D Frys A310
4-MayThu6p.m.B & D ImperialH310
11-MayThu6p.m.B & D Bradley StokeA39
18-MayThu6p.m.B & D Severn ValeH38
25-MayThu6p.m.B & D Ardagh A38
1-JunThu6p.m.B & D Victoria ParkH310
8-JunThu6p.m.B & D REST WEEK30
15-JunThu6p.m.B & D KnowleA34
22-JunThu6p.m.B & D HenleazeH38
29-JunThu6p.m.B & D Frys H310
6-JulThu6p.m.B & D ImperialA36
13-JulThu6p.m.B & D Bradley StokeH38
20-JulThu6p.m.B & D Severn ValeA36
27-JulThu6p.m.B & D ArdaghH38
3-AugThu6p.m.B & D Victoria ParkA310
10-AugThu6p.m.B & D rest WEEK0
17-AugThu6p.m.B & D Knowle AH38
24-AugThu6p.m.B & D Henleaze AA3

CUP & League Fixtures
N. E. League 2023

League and Cup fixtures
DateDay/Wk TimeOppositionRkspoints
27-AprThu6p.m.NE SLATH32
4-MayThu6p.m.NE GBB "B" A34
11-MayThu6p.m.NE Bradley StokeH38
18-MayThu6p.m.NE Olveston HarriersA32
25-MayThu6p.m.NE Page Park H33
1-JunThu6p.m.NE K&H "B"A38
8-JunThu6p.m.NE St Annes Park A32
15-JunThu6p.m.NE K &H "B"H30
22-JunThu6p.m.NE St Andrews "B"A33
29-JunThu6p.m.NE SLAT A36
6-JulThu6p.m.NE GBB "B" H32
13-JulThu6p.m.NE Bradley Stoke A30
20-JulThu6p.m.NE Olveston HarriersH32
27-JulThu6p.m.NE Page ParkA32
3-AugThu6p.m.NE K&H "B" H32
10-AugThu6p.m.NE St Annes ParkH32
17-AugThu6p.m.NE K &H "A"A32
24-AugThu6p.m.NE St Andrew's "B" H3
6-JunTue6.15p.m.NE Cup Prelim round3WIN
27-JunTues6.15p.m.NE Cup R13LOST

League Fixtures Ladies  League 2023

League and Cup fixtures
26-AprWed6p.m.LL Olveston AH238-37 6
3-MayWed6p.m.LL ARDAGHA241-158
10-MayWed6p.m.LL YATEH232-276
17-MayWed6p.m.LL HENLEAZE AA221-460
24-MayWed6p.m.LL PORTISHEAD H217-450
31-MayWedLL Rest week00
7-JunWed6p.m.LL GBBA234.75-256
14-JunWed6p.m.LL Henleaze BA221.75-420
23-JunFri6p.m.LL K and H A226.25 - 410
28-JunWed6p.m.LL Olveston AA215-530
5-JulWed6p.m.LL ArdaghH234.75-158
14-JulFri6p.m.LL Yate A231-236
19-JulWed6p.m.LL Henleaze AA232-316
26-JulWed6p.m.LL PORTISHEADA2not played4
2-AugWedLL rest week 00
9-AugWed6p.m.LL GBBH234-266
16-AugWed6p.m.LL HENLEAZE BH241-198
23-AugWed6p.m.LL K & H AH238-228

 Flood lit League 2023

Mixed Flood lit League at Bristol St Andrews
DateDaytimeoppositionrink nos
8thFriday 6:30 p.m.Olveston1 and 2LOST
14thThursday6:30 p.m.GB Brittons3 and 4LOST
19thTuesday6:30 p.m.Avonvale5 and 6WIN 6 points
25thMonday6:30 p.m.Bristol St Andrews1 and 2Lost 1 point
29thFriday 6:30 p.m.Long Ashton1 and 2

External competition dates

League and Cup fixtures
DateDay/Wk TimeOppositionRks
10-MayWedTop club (Men's) away @ GBBA5LOST
28-MaySunBE two rinks v Olveston2LOST
6-JunTueLloyd Trophy R1 v Keynsham A3Win 61 -29
6-JunTueNE Knock out v Page park sportsH3win by 2 shots
26-JunMonClarence Davey R1 v Canford Hwin 104-66
27-JunTueLloyd Trophy R2 v ImperialAwin 60-42
27-JunTueNE knock out R1 v BSAALost by 6 shots
12-JulWedGlos challenge cup R1 v St AndrewsAwon
18-JulTueLloyd Trophy R3 v OlvestonAlost
26-JulTueGlos challenge cup R2 Home won
31-JulMonClarence Davey QtrsHwon
1-AugTuesGlos 2 rink v CheltenhamHwon
2-AugWedGlos County cup (neutral green)lost