Gloucestershire County Cup: Redland v Avonvale (A) 12/07/22

Won 59-53

I don’t know where to start, a classic example of the “carry on bowls club”, you never know what’s going to happen next!

Here’s some background.

Andy was playing in Swindon (National over 55 singles , Gloucestershire/Oxfordshire area semi-final, which he unfortunately just lost, but had committed to making it back to play in this game. With the motorway etc however if delayed we had a reserve on standby. Andy was on his way back so our reserve was partly stood down, Andy arrived at the green , so reserve was fully stood down.

It was now noticed one player wasn’t there who was contacted and we were told “I couldn’t find the green, so went home”, unbelievable, so a call went into our reserve to hot foot it over to Avonvale and with discussions about the rules with the opposition it was decided that if he turned up by 6.45 the game was still on. The reserve duly arrives at the green with one minute to spare or we would have forfeited the game to a walk-over!

Thank you to Avonvale for their patience.

So the reserve did turn up within time and we did play and we did win, who was this knight in shining armour you ask?, none other than Dave Sunter, who put the team and club first, no trial ends and bowled some bloody good woods!

Not the best of starts to get into the right frame of mind.

To the game ;

On Gerry’s rink with Mike, Dave and Kev, always in front and with Gerry bowling brilliantly, with help from the rest of the rink, keeping losing ends to only one down, ended 23-7 up.

On Jim’s rink with Steve, Pete Jones and Andy, they seemed to be getting frustrated with the green/rink (we’ve all been there) were always behind and 7 down on end 13 and getting more and more frustrated it didn’t look good, however a game changing shot from Jim, when 5 down, pulling the jack back to us to pick up a 5 we ended 15-23 down.

On Rogers rink an equally game changing end when 5 down, we picked up a 6, so 11 across the board and we were now in front on the match, Roger’s crew kept it tight and ran out 21-23 down.

We finished 6 up overall, so very close really, but in the circumstances a very good result.