Gloucestershire 2 Rink Saturday 26th August: Away, Page Park

Won 42-39

By a combination of a bye then being awarded a game after two wins we find ourselves in the Semi Final of this competition on Sunday 24th September at Glos city bowls club. (If we win the semi final the final is played in the afternoon.)

In my new position of “professional bowls manager/watcher/coach/mentor/tea boy” I was looking forward to having a stress free game just sitting there letting the players get on with it, so after the start I went off for breakfast and “a silly haircut”, as Andy remarked on my return!

When I came back we were 16 up on one rink and 5 down on the other, so things were looking stress free…….

However you can’t trust those Redland bowlers and we conspired to lose our shot cushion and each end the game got closer and closer and so did my stress levels!

With Jim’s rink finished having won 33-8 and Josh with 2 ends to go we were 1 up, on the penultimate end Josh bowled a super wood, an inch from the jack, to make us 2 up overall going into the last end.

On the last end our front end put shots close to the jack but this was disturbed by the Page number 3 and we were then 2 down. Josh then put in a second, their skip fired with his last wood but the jack popped onto Larry’s back wood for one shot for us and victory. I certainly don’t call that stress free!!!!

An exciting game and fascinating game to watch (if you win!)

So much for my relaxing morning, but I did get breakfast and a haircut…….

Would like to add that on Jim’s rink they only conceded 4 ends and kept the pressure on all through the game, that’s not easy when you go far in front, but this was ultimately the key to winning the game

Well done everyone.

I would finally like to thank Page Park for their hospitality after the game when they provided hot dogs, rolls and crips to the players at no cost – very generous.

Onto the Clarence Davy today – quite a challenge.