Glos Cup v GB Britton (A) 21/06/22

WON 64:44

A resounding victory against an always competitive GBs and the start of our campaign this year.

(Editors Note: For those that may not know this competition is played on a knockout basis over 21 ends with three teams of four and the overall total score winning from all three rinks. Last year we managed to get to the Semi final of this competition.)

A question was posed, when was the last time we won a game when Jim’s rink lost? We will ask the club statistician (whoever that is?!) to look into the matter, but it’s certainly a long time ago and that’s because Jim’s rink doesn’t lose very often…….

On the new “superstars” rink with Mike Ingham, Kev, Dave and Keith Conway, not starting well, but collecting a 4 on end 5 and then winning 13 out of the next 18 and with brilliant bowling by everybody on the rink, carried on to pile up the shots and ended 26-8 up, a stunning performance to be admired by all!!!

With this high winning score, the other rinks were really not that important, but on Jim’s rink with Steve, Nigel and Andy were always in front, that slipped away to finish 17-20 down. (Editors Note: I don’t think we were always ahead having dropped two fours early on and Jim did have a chance for a 5 near the end but turned down the opportunity bearing in mind the score on the other rinks…..)

And on Calvin’s rink with Will, “Alex” Knowles and Larry were behind 6-14 on end 10 then won the next 8 out of 10 and ran out 21-16 winners and with GBs “shaking hands” the last two ends on this rink weren’t played.

With Jim 3 down and Calvin only winning by 5 (Editor’s Note: But Winning!) clearly winning¬† the whole game was dependent on Mike Ingham’s rink (including Kev and others).

PS This report has nothing to do with the fact that your Captain was on the  winning rink for the the first time this season!

PPS. Our captain may be a brilliant bowler (Editors Note: His words not mine!) but he’s not so good at getting team numbers right as he dragged poor Roger Plant across town and realised he wasn’t needed! So a big thank you to Roger for his understanding and support throughout the game.