County Two Rink v Cheltenham B Home 1st August 2023

Won 44-35

Kevin has asked me to provide this short report so you have the Editor for this one.

The final score of this game does not give full credit to the resilience and fighting spirit of the Cheltenham B rinks.

Early in the game Jim with Will, Trev and Andy luckily picked up a full house 8 to go 17-9 up. (TheCheltenham skip played a running wood with a back position but managed to take out his only wood in the head.). This however spurred the Cheltenham team on and they won the next 7 ends to take the lead!!

On the last end Jim played a great wood to be holding 2 and it looked like it would be a draw on this rink. The Cheltenham Skip (Alex White, Middleton Cup player) however played a tremendous wood to draw the shot and win this rink 20-23. Very well played gentlemen.

Meanwhile on Josh’s rink with Larry, RKJ and Calvin things were nip and tuck throughout the game but with Calvin playing some great opening woods and the rest of this team also bowling very well they managed to win 24-12 securing the overall victory.

NOTE: Two your men in their early teens were leading for Cheltenham, Josh and Louie Hodges (the sons of Stuart Hodges, Middleton Cup Skip). I played against Louie and the fact is that Louie had me on toast on short jacks ultimately winning 11 ends while I won 7. I have been frustrated not to get into the Gloucestershire team this year and with young players like this coming through that task is not getting any easier in future years 🙂