NE League Finals – Sunday 25th September 2022

A good end to the season, as we hosted the North East League competition finals  with Redland interest in two of the comps.

The green, club and catering were all first class.

In the singles Jim against Ken Tudor (Olveston) traded shots early on, but as the pace quickened it seemed to suit Jim and he pressed home this advantage for a reasonably comfortable 21-11 win.

In the fours it was more fraught, a game of 5 quarters , but very entertaining for the spectators, we were up, we were behind, we were back up, we were drawing, and so it went into an extra end, the two leads not “dapping one on” it was left to Will (number 2) to draw shot with his first wood 9 inches from the jack and that’s where it stayed, so we won 21-20.

An excellent day for all of our guys.

P.S. There was a debate as to whether Andy was more help to us with his bowling prowess or his bacon roll cooking, let’s just say the bacon rolls were very good!

Thanks to Wendy (for supervising Andy, tea making and bar) Pete in his capacity as Club President, Roger Jones and Kev for marking and Calvin for setting up the green.

Kevin French

News Update 21/09/22

The Redland green comps were successfully completed this morning with the two 2 wood finals.

Wendy beat Karen and in an exciting, close match Andy pipped Larry.

Thanks to Tony Andy and Carol for their efficient running of the comps, and all members who helped make their job as easy as possible.

Onto outside competitions:

Once again there was / is Redland interest right up to the end – we must be doing something right!

Unfortunately last weekend didn’t prove as successful as we might have hoped.

In the City and County Fours Final Jim, Will, Kev and Andy lost to St Anne’s.

In the North East League semi finals we had Larry and Andy in the 2 woods and Jim and Keith, Steve and Nick in the pairs who all failed to progress.

However Jim in the 4 wood singles and in the fours Jim, Steve, Will and Andy prevailed to reach the finals.

Redland are hosting the finals this year and the programme is as follows:

Sunday 10.00 start: 

4 woods singles Jim Russell v Ken Tudor (Olveston)

2 woods G Hall (GBs) v s Wharam (Olveston)

Triples Olveston v K and H

Approx 11.30 start (depending on other games)

Jim, Steve, Will and Andy v G Hall (GBs)

Support for all games would be welcomed, but especially the ones our own guys are in.

Kevin French

Club Finals Day Sunday 11th September 2022

Finals Day was dry and bright and congratulations go to all the winners on the day with a highlight being the new Men’s Champion, Kevin French who came back from 4-16 down against Andy Gadd to win 21-20. A fantastic result and very popular with all of the members/supporters around the green. Well played Kevin.

Another highlight on the Ladies side was Nina winning the Colt and Championship titles in the same year – again a fantastic achievement and very well played Nina. The Ladies believe that this is the first time this ‘double” has ever been done in the same year.

Full results on the day were as follows:

Mens Champion: Kevin French beat Andy Gadd 21-20

Ladies Champion: Nina beat Liz 21-16

Mens Handicap: Jim Russell beat Andy Gadd 21-11

Mens Pairs: Jim Russell/Nick Hunt beat Trevor Knowles and Ian Johnson 24-12

Albert Bryant: Steve Ford beat Alan Taylor 21-6

Men’s Triples: Ian Johnson, Keith Conway and Steve Ford beat Nick Hunt, Vince Boyle and Mike Ingham 22-17

Ladies Pairs: Liz and Gill beat Dot and Wendy 21-8

Ladies Colt Final: Nina beat Wanda 21-12

The Ladies and Mens Two Wood has now been played, Andy beat Larry and Wendy beat Karen – the green will be closed from Monday 10th October.

Bowls England National Championships Leamington Spa 28/08/22

Pairs Andy Gadd/Jim Russell v Essex B

On a lovely Bank Holiday Sunday morning Andy and Jim strode purposefully onto a perfectly manicured “A” green at Leamington Spa (this was the one used for the Commonwealth Games Finals – so clearly the organisers knew who they were dealing with), to begin their campaign.

With strong support from fellow Redland members, including Juliet (Andy’s wife), who was watching her first game of bowls, I asked if she wanted me to give her a run down of what was happening, to which she replied “you’ve got to get your bowls close to the white one haven’t you?”, and then added nobody seemed to  have told Andy!

Seriously though even with some excellent bowling by Jim and Andy, the opposition were clearly two class players and we went behind early on and never managed to peg it back. Andy and Jim played well, but the Essex pair played better- hey, it’s a game of bowls, that’s what happens.

We finished 5-23 down but the score definitely didn’t reflect the way Andy and Jim played.

Chaps, it was great for you to get to the finals, all of us watching had a great time supporting you, please try to qualify again….

P.S. Later on in the afternoon I was sat having a quiet pint when behind me 4 bowlers from Cumbria were discussing a Gloucestershire Lead who had bowled a wrong bias, this news was going around the greens, – who was this miscreant? Yep none other than our very own A Gadd, so Andy did make a name for himself at Leamington – but perhaps not in way he would have wanted!

Fortunately Andy was representing Gloucestershire and so Redland Green’s name was unsullied. 

Kevin French

Gloucestershire Pairs (Men’s) Competition 14/06/22: Time to Celebrate!!

It is with a tremendous amount of pride and to be frank one of the biggest feelings of relief in my lifetime that I am able to report that last night Andy Gadd (that would be me) and Jim Russell triumphed in the Gloucestershire Pairs Semi Final played against Jon Horrill and Simon Lloyd of Barnwood Bowls Club at Frampton on Severn BC.

I would like first and foremost to thank Jon and Simon for the spirit in which the game was played and their graciousness in defeat after the game. Very well played chaps, it was one end that made all the difference and I am sure that we will meet in one of the Gloucestershire competitions in the future, or at least I certainly hope so 😉

For those who may not know winning this game means that myself and Jim will now play, representing Gloucestershire, in the English National Finals to be played at Leamington from Sunday 28th August to Tuesday 30th August, It also means that we will play against Ian Gauld and Chris (Blakey) Blake who managed to win their semi final with the last shot of their game,  for the Gloucestershire Pairs title.

Ian and Blakey, who is an ex Redland player but now plays for Olveston, will also represent Gloucestershire in the English National Finals as two teams from Gloucestershire qualify, which is fantastic news! (And a very small consolation for Calvin and Steve Ford who they narrowly beat in the last 16.)

I remember after the quarter final win being congratulated by a bowler who did not know me on our win that evening and he asked me what club I played for, to which I obviously replied “Redland Green”.  Following this win and our success in the Gloucestershire Two rink last year I now feel that possibly my reply was incorrect and perhaps I should have said, “The Mighty Redland Green!” 🙂