Clarence Davy (rearranged game) v GB Britton (A) 19/07/22

Won 86-67

After a fraught couple of weeks, including arranging a date and a team, and whether we were going to face temperatures hotter than the face of the sun (folks I wouldn’t take those weather forecasts as gospel!), eventually a game of bowls was played and a winner found.

I’m very pleased that was Redland.

Thanks to everybody who played, special thanks to Marek, Jake Peggs for being on standby as reserves and Steve Ford for being travelling reserve and also thanks to GB Brittons Chairman for his genuine thanks and wishes for the best of luck in the next round.

Onto the game on Gerry’s rink with Mike, Dave Edwards and Pete Jones started well to go 6-3 up, slipped behind to go 10-17 down, and at this point in the game all was fairly equal and they could have let the score get away, however winning 6 out of the last 8 ends came back to keep the deficit down to 3 shots( 16-19), over 4 rinks 3 behind can be handled.

On RKJ’s rink with Will, Trev and Nick Hunt went into a 5 nil lead, but matching Gerry also went 10-17 behind, but also regrouping pulled it back to finish 21-20.

On Andy’s rink, inspired selection putting Andy at skip (we won’t do that again!) seriously though he had a  a good game, and with Kev, Nigel and Jon Emerson, Andy had advised Jon to use the same tight woods as him (for the first time in this game), which was clearly rediculous advice and  Jon really struggled to get his woods more than a foot away from the jack on every end, so perhaps advice usefull, a great game from Jon. We went 10-4 down, but again as on the other rinks it started changing from end 14 and charged ahead to win 25-14.

On Calvin’s rink with Larry, Dave Sunter and Roger Plant were always in front, and were 13-5 in front at 11 ends, again pegged back to be only 3 in the lead, again as on the other rinks regrouped and sealed the win 24-14. 

Being only 3 shots up across the board at 14 ends, we won 20 of the remaining 26 ends, so it just goes to show my paranoia about Redland always falling behind towards the finish, may not be justified!

Excellent win, thanks and well-done to everyone.