Clarence Davey Cup V Canford (Home) 26.06.23

Won 104-66

We are a stronger team than Canford, and should win these games, which we did, but all credit to our opponents, who kept plugging away until the end.

On Jim’s rink with Will, Trev and Andy they went off to a storming start going 18-1 up at 6 ends and being 24 up overall at this point the game looked easily winnable. However some doubt then crept in as at end 15 we were still only 19 up (across a 4 rink game 19 isn’t very many).

Back to Jim’s rink, easy to lose focus, but they kept on the pressure to win 39-8.

This was good news as on RKJ’s rink with Kev, Gerry and Mark, seemed determined to make the game interesting by dropping as many shots as Jim’s crew were picking up! Even with Mark Powell having a very good game, it was like watching a car crash in slow motion with 10 consecutive ends conceded and the final outcome 13-32 down. A strong performance last game, the opposite this time (that’s bowls for you).

On Josh’s rink with Keith, Mike Ingham and Jon, they were always in control and whilst being only 4 in front at 15 stepped up to win 25-16. The main problem was Josh being down on the last end and never giving up was he going to try to kill it? No Josh we’d won and we didn’t feel like staying until 10 o clock! This time josh decided getting in for a pint was more important and took shot down. 

On Calvin’s rink with Larry, Nigel and Vince, again they were always in front and finished 29-10 up.

Well done all, next round against Severn Vale or Victory Park.

Finally thanks to Dave Edwards and Jake for turning up as reserves and thanks to all other members for their support.