Bristol & District League: Redland v GB’s (Home) 25/08/22

LOST: 2 Points

Your ” roving reporter” phoning in from Kingswood where the NE league team were hoping to finish the season as champions, unfortunately they couldn’t quite manage this and losing 2 points to 8 we ended in second place, losing out to Kingswood and Hanham on shot difference.

Never the less promotion to division one a great result.

Thanks to everyone who played, and the ladies who helped us make a full team when we short (and also played very well).

Onto the B&D team, I can’t give a detailed report, I was not there to see it as I was at Kingswood watching north east (I’m trying to ingratiate myself with the north east team as I may well not be selected for the B&D next yea,!)

Only losing by 5 a reasonable showing, nice to see 3 of our ” new guys ” getting into the swing of things, with much enthusiasm, let’s hope it continues next year, those guys are showing great promise.

Rink results for the record:

OnJim’s rink with Keith, Trev and Jon Emerson lost 12-14

On Will’s rink with Calvin, Gerry and Andy Won 19-10

On RKJ’s rink with Larry, Vince and Nick lost 17-25

As I said before, a disappointing season to see us going into division 2, but with current team and players “coming through” no reason to not feel optimistic about next year.

Finally, good luck to Jim and Andy who play in the National Pairs on Sunday at Leamington.