Bristol & District Division 2: Away to Henleaze

Won 65:48 10 points

A competent win to cement our dominant position as League Champions

Again well done to all.

Our pleasure in getting back into Division 1 is tempered by our disappointment at the North East League team being relegated to Division 2, but we look forward, with optimism, to next season for both teams

Onto the game:

On Josh’s rink with Larry, Kev and Phil all played well and won 17-12.

On RKJ’s rink , it was “volatile” with counts being picked up and dropped left, right and centre. Ultimately it came down to the last end, all square and one down with Roger to bowl, the match was won overall. So it was a matter of personal pride to win on this rink. Roger duly drew a great wood for shot and the opposing skip could not match it, so Roger did not have to bowl his last wood and this rink continued their excellent record over the season, winning 22-21.

On Jim’s rink, with Will, Trev and Andy, they were on the “showcase rink” next to the Clubhouse, went 8-14 down and with vociferous support from the many Henleaze supporters for the home rink, we were potentially up against it. However don’t underestimate Redland’s “dig in” spirit, pulled 18 shots on the next 5 ends to win 26-15 (and silence the crowd!)

Thanks to Mark Dixon, Charlie and Jim Gregory for their support tonight.

Special thanks to Calvin for his invaluable support, good humour and putting up with my thoughts/grumbling over the season.

In addition we sometimes take for granted Calvin’s preparation of the rolls for after the game when at Home, so thanks for that as well. (Incidentally Henleaze had a presentation to their ladies who did the catering throughout the season, with the Captain giving them flowers and kisses! Calv, I can assure you, you won’t be getting the same from me!). 😉

Thanks to Mike Tarr for looking after the “paperwork” for the Northeast Team.

And thanks to everyone who made themselves available and played in both teams.

Redland’s season is far from over with a busy weekend of 2 rink and Clarence Davy games to be played- it would be great if we could keep up our winning ways.

Editor’s Note: I am sure all (or at the very least a majority? 🙂 ) of the members would like to thank Kevin and Calvin for all of their hard work over the season. Being a League Captain is by no means an easy task with individuals not always agreeing with selection decisions and sometimes the very fact of getting two teams out on a Thursday in August being challenging. Let’s hope that Kevin and Calvin continue their excellent work for many years to come – well done gents.