Bowls England National Championships Leamington Spa 28/08/22

Pairs Andy Gadd/Jim Russell v Essex B

On a lovely Bank Holiday Sunday morning Andy and Jim strode purposefully onto a perfectly manicured “A” green at Leamington Spa (this was the one used for the Commonwealth Games Finals – so clearly the organisers knew who they were dealing with), to begin their campaign.

With strong support from fellow Redland members, including Juliet (Andy’s wife), who was watching her first game of bowls, I asked if she wanted me to give her a run down of what was happening, to which she replied “you’ve got to get your bowls close to the white one haven’t you?”, and then added nobody seemed to  have told Andy!

Seriously though even with some excellent bowling by Jim and Andy, the opposition were clearly two class players and we went behind early on and never managed to peg it back. Andy and Jim played well, but the Essex pair played better- hey, it’s a game of bowls, that’s what happens.

We finished 5-23 down but the score definitely didn’t reflect the way Andy and Jim played.

Chaps, it was great for you to get to the finals, all of us watching had a great time supporting you, please try to qualify again….

P.S. Later on in the afternoon I was sat having a quiet pint when behind me 4 bowlers from Cumbria were discussing a Gloucestershire Lead who had bowled a wrong bias, this news was going around the greens, – who was this miscreant? Yep none other than our very own A Gadd, so Andy did make a name for himself at Leamington – but perhaps not in way he would have wanted!

Fortunately Andy was representing Gloucestershire and so Redland Green’s name was unsullied. 

Kevin French